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The Dirty Truth About Household Cleaning Products

Home is something everyone longs for. Just hearing the word “home”, it creates a sense of safety and security. It's a place where all your people stay, that’s what a child thinks. He knows he’s safe in his house. Nothing can get him, his parents are his superheroes.

Kids stay in this bubble, that everything in their home is safe and they crawl around exploring with their cute tiny feet. Those lil munchkins crawling around and balancing on their feet brings joy and happiness to everyone at the house. But how is your home??? Yes, we know you use various house cleaning products to keep your home fresh and safe, but are they really safe for your family and kids?? It puts a question in your mind right!! Brace yourself, cause in the next few minutes we are gonna make you think the impossible, it’s gonna make you question, “ how can I keep my baby safe?”

Glass cleaners

Glass cleaners are used to clean and wash glasses. These are basically sprayed and wipe kinda products which are used to remove dirt and spots on glass surfaces. It looks all and fine right?? but the only problem with these cleaners are the chemicals used in them. They contain chemicals like chlorine and ammonia, when exposed to the skin leads to rashes and blisters. If at all these cleaners are used with bleach, they fumes produced leads to respiratory illness, loss of coordination, lung irritation etc. So try to go natural when you consider cleaning the glass surfaces. Protect your kids and your family.

Wood cleaners

Wood cleaners are household cleaning products that are mainly used to maintain the natural look, appearance of wood and even with respect to hardwood floors.specially formulated to maintain the natural beauty, appearance, and shine of wood and hardwood floors. Most of the wood cleaners contain phosphates, which Upon inhaling your little one might get prone to developing bronchitis, cough, and phlegm accompanied by shortness of breath.


Toilet cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaners are formulated for cleaning toilet bowls. They are usually liquid solvents that are made from strong cleaning agents and can be made to remove toughest of the stains. There are designed to kill different kinds of germs like bacteria, viruses etc. If at all your lil ones are exposed to the fumes or even to the liquid solvents, it causes eye irritation, kidney damage and irritation to the respiratory tract. Try to make sure, your kids aren’t exposed to them and when while handling the cleaners use necessary precautions like gloves, eye goggles etc. Try to dilute the solvent as much as possible and try to go natural if possible when it comes to cleaning products.

Floor cleaners

Floor cleaners are the specialty household cleaning products, used on floor surfaces. They are supposed to keep your floors safe and dirt free. Floor cleaners cleanse, disinfect and are insect repellents. They make sure the house is safe from germs, if at all present.

But do you have any idea what they are made of ?? The chemicals present in these cleaners like ammonia, chlorine, phosphates etc which leads to skin irritation, chronic bronchitis, asthma, respiratory difficulties etc. These products do the task of cleaning but the chemicals present in them is deadly in nature. Think of your lil ones getting sick just cause of the cleaners you use. Horrific isn't it?

By now you would have an idea, how unsafe your house cleaning products are. We know that isn’t a viable solution but try to use these cleaners as less as possible. Another best method to solve the above crisis, go natural, make your own cleaning products at home using simple ingredients like soap, baking soda vinegar, lemon juice and borax. These products are great for cleaning.

Let us suggest you with a better alternative, where you don’t even have to make your own cleaner, but it's readily available to you with all the above ingredients. Yes! We from Tinystep have developed a Tinystep Floor Cleaner and it is made from all the above natural ingredients. It's a brand new go green product which not only kills all the germs present but also the toxins present in the home, along with it. Its pocket-friendly product and when used leaves a refreshing lime smell. Now your kids are safe to carry on with their exploring and you don't have to worry about the cleaners, toxic in them and all. Your kid's health is your priority as well as ours. Go get one and keep your home safe.

Order Tinystep floor cleaner here.

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