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Becoming a new mother is not a small task. The birth of a baby brings a lot of changes and challenges into the lives of a couple, especially for the new mom. The child becomes the top priority for the mother. She compromises at every level, devotes all her time and energy to ensure the wellbeing of her bundle of happiness. Here, we try to present some of the struggles that most new moms have to deal with every day.

The baby is crying! Is the baby hungry or is there some discomfort?

With infants and babies who are yet to talk, it difficult to understand their feelings or emotions. While most of the babies cry when they are hungry, for others, it could be an indication of tiredness, stomach ache, or similar physical discomfort. Pacifying the agitated baby (especially for the first 2-3 months) often turns out to be a nightmare for new moms. However, with time, things eventually fall into place.

Sleep is a distant dream for new moms: 

Most new moms (be it working or stay-at-home moms) find it almost a Herculean task to find some time for themselves. While the health of the baby is of utmost importance, the new mom to has endured a lot during the nine months of her pregnancy. She also needs some rest and sleep. Sleep deprivation, anxiety, headache, depression are common problems seen in most new moms. Thus, the ideal solution would be to take turns in looking after the baby. It also makes sense to take rest while the baby is sleeping.

The correct position while breastfeeding the baby: 

The initial few months while breastfeeding the baby can be quite a task for a new mom. From zeroing upon the perfect position for breastfeeding to dealing with painful baby bites, the struggle is at another level. Ideally, during breastfeeding, your breast should be close to the baby's mouth to ensure a better latching. However, in the case of extreme discomfort, it is advisable to consult a lactational expert for the benefit of the mother and the baby.

The increase in body weight leaves you depressed: 

Seldom do women manage to maintain their body weight during pregnancy. With the hormonal changes and the cravings for pastries, ice creams, and similar fattening foods, putting on weight is inevitable. There is, however, nothing to lose sleep over this. With time and implementation of healthy dietary and lifestyle changes, you will soon be ready to fit into your favorite old dresses. But you need to give the body some time, especially those having a C-section delivery.

Maintaining the balance between personal life and professional commitments can be difficult: 

Most new moms have to go through the dilemma of choosing between the baby and their job. Both are important and prioritizing one over the other is neither an option nor a solution. There are many workplaces that have the option of work from home for the new moms. If you are comfortable and wish to be by the side of your baby, go for freelancing or work from home.

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