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The Checklist I Follow When Travelling With My Baby And You Should Follow It Too

When I was planning a vacation with a baby on board, I knew I had to be a little extra prepared. I was heading to Goa with my husband and baby – a place none of us had ever been to before. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from the vacation. There was just one thing I knew for sure – if I missed out on packing something for my baby, it would be difficult to find it at the holiday destination. Planning things out ahead of time helped us enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Goa. 

So, here I am, sharing the checklist I used when I went on a 3-day vacation:

This list is for reference purposes only and has been written for a 3-day vacation. You can modify this according to you and your baby’s needs.

Baby feeding gear

1. Sippy cups

While travelling, it is best to carry sippy cups to feed your baby. I used it to store breast milk. To order a sippy cup, click here.

2. Breast pump

Carry a breast pump along. You will need it. When I was out for a long stretch of time, I was able to feed my baby with the expressed milk. In fact carry the whole kit with you so that you can express the milk whenever you can. Order one here.

3. Nursing wipes

You will need to use nursing wipes after each feeding to clean yourself up. I was super careful about the amount of nursing wipes I used because I only carried a leftover pack of nursing wipes. Make sure you buy a new one for the trip. Order them here.

4. Nursing pads

My breasts used to leak between each feeding session when my baby was under 6 weeks. To avoid any embarrassing stains on my clothes whenever I stepped out, I wore nursing pads inside my bra. If you are travelling with a newborn, you may want to carry some nursing pads too. Buy them here.

5. Feeding bag

To carry all of these nursing essentials around, I packed a separate feeding bag. I carried the feeding essentials and the diapering essentials in one bag for when I was heading out. Click here to get one.

Diapering essentials

1. Diaper

Suppose your baby goes through 10 diapers per day and you are going for ‘x’ number of days. You would need 10x diapers + 4 extra diapers for emergencies. Order your baby’s diapers here.

2. Diaper rash cream

With the change in weather, babies are likely to develop diaper rashes. My baby sure did. Soothe your baby’s skin with a good diaper rash cream. Get the diaper rash cream here.

3. Diaper changing pad

Whether you are staying at a hotel, resort or homestay, you would need a diaper changing pad for you to change the diaper. Find a diaper changing pad for your baby here if you don’t already have one.

4. Wipes

You can never have too many baby wipes and it’s not just for diaper changes. Given that babies can get sick while travelling, you would need to carry wipes to clean up the mess. My baby didn’t get sick but I felt at ease knowing that I was prepared for it. Buy some baby wipes here.

Baby wear

1. Cute clothes

For those fun family photo shoots, you would want to carry along some cute baby clothes. Okay I’ll admit it - I am guilty of buying brand new baby clothes just for the trip. They gave me a bunch of adorable photos though! You should buy some too. You won’t regret it. Click here to buy them.

2. Bibs

During feeding sessions, my baby tends to get really messy. She would spill food and milk over herself when we were out. Carry baby bibs that dry easily so that it would be more convenient. Get them here.

3. Socks and booties

When stepping out with my little one, I would deck her up in socks and a cute little pair of baby booties. To buy socks for your munchkin, click here. You can get baby shoes here.

4. Sun hat

To protect your baby’s head from the harsh heat of the sun, carrying a tiny sun hat is a must. It will protect their eyes as well. To order a sun hat for your baby, click here.

Baby care

1. Mini bottles

When you are on the go, carrying full sized baby products (baby oil, baby shampoo, etc) would be an unnecessary waste of space in your bag. This is why I decided to buy a couple of mini bottles to carry just the required amount of product and save up on space. Click here if you want to buy them too.

2. Binky

A total lifesaver during family trips, you absolutely must carry a pacifier or two. The change in pressure during flights can cause babies to cry. I tried offering a pacifier during the take-off and landing - the chewing and sucking are supposed to calm them down. It definitely worked for me. Click here to buy one.

Baby Gear

1. Baby car seat

If you are driving down to your holiday destination, you will need to carry a car seat. I carried a car seat along because I was planning to rent a car while in Goa. Just make sure that the car seat is comfortable enough for your baby. Get a baby car seat here.

2. Baby carrier

It was super convenient to carry my baby on my body while walking around. It kept my hands free. Interested in buying one? Click here.

3. Portable stroller

Carrying your baby in your arms might not be feasible when you are travelling, so opt for a portable stroller. I bought a portable one because I knew I would be travelling a lot. I use the same when I am back at home too. To buy one, click here.

Bedtime essentials

1. Blankets

Moving to a new place doesn’t sit well with my baby. She needs some form of comfort to let her know she is safe. A soft and comfy blanket along with mama’s familiar voice helped her settle down at night. Buy a blanket for your little one here.

2. Night light

At night, I like to check on my baby to make sure she is sleeping comfortably. A night light will help me see my baby’s face in the dark without disturbing her sleep. To order a night light, click here.

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