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The CBSE Grade 10 Exam has not 1, but 4 TOPPERS!

The Central Board of Secondary Examinations announced the grade 10 results on May 29, and as always, there were children whose grades hit the roof! News as well as social media was abuzz with the exciting news, as people took to Twitter and Facebook to write words of praise and good wishes for all the students who finished their exams this year.

The highest score recorded was 499 out of 500! While we wonder who this child is that has scored the great results, we find out that it’s not one child, but four children with this astounding score!

We can only think of the hard work, dedication and perseverance that went into these results. Prakhar Mittal, Rimzhim Agrawal, Nandni Garg and Sreelakshmi G have jointly topped the CBSE class 10 board examinations 2018, and all of them have a 499 out of 500 score.

Over 16 lakh students had appeared for the examinations, conducted in around 4,500 centres in and outside India, and the class 10 pass percentage is 86.70%.

While congratulating these toppers heartily, we need to be able to remember that grades are not the ultimate measure, and that your child’s scores are also worth being proud of. The examinations are simply one milestone among the many milestones life has waiting for us. At the end of the day, learning, growing and becoming a good person are as important as the examinations.

Kudos to all the board examination class 10 and 12 finishers! 

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