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The Best Family Movies For Movie Night

Every family needs to have a ‘movie rule’ in place. A ‘movie rule’ simply dictates that, one night of every week is movie night. In order to make ‘movie night’ more interactive and interesting, here are some other common ‘movie night rules’:

- Each member of the family has the power to exercise their movie choice when it’s their turn to decide the movie. However, the movie decided upon has to be classified as a ‘family movie’. 

- For a movie to be called a family movie, it must be appropriate for all age groups.

- On movie night, each family member has responsibilities to cater to. Somebody should be responsible for downloading/getting the movie ready, another person should be responsible for sorting out the movie munchies and somebody else must look after the setting up of the movie. The more the jobs, more the responsibilities to be shared. 

These are the 3 main rules to movie night. A family can add or subtract rules as per their convenience and preference.

Regardless of the rules set and measures taken to ensure enjoyment, movie night will only be fun when the movies are good. If you want to experiment, go for it. But here are some tried and tested examples of great family movies for all.

1. Karate Kid (Drama/Action)

The story of the movie revolves around the concept of the strong vs the weak. In this movie, the weak defeats the strong because of hard work, giving it a happy ending. It’s a great family movie with a fair bit of drama and action. A great movie to teach the kids the importance of hardwork and perseverance.

2. Finding Nemo (Adventure/Comedy)

One of the best animated movies to ever be made, Finding Nemo is a story about a little fish and his plight as he is separated from his father and is left to face the perils of the ocean and mankind all on his own. It’s an adventurous tale about how the father tracks his lost son and gets him back. The characters also bring an element of comedy to this incredibly sweet story.

3. Frozen (Fantasy/Musical)

Photo: Disney LOL |

Musicals, as a genre, make for great family movies. Frozen is arguably one of the best animated musicals ever to be made. It’s a story of love, adventure and relationship all blended in seamlessly with fantasy and magic. There’s much to learn from each of the characters of the movie, and your kids will be merrily humming the songs as they do so!

4. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (Science Fiction/Drama)

Photo: Digital Spy

One of the earliest science fiction movies to be made, it revolves around a story in which an alien who is forgotten on earth by his people is protected by a little boy who wants to keep his existence a secret. An emotional movie, it focuses on science, relationships and the importance of human empathy.

5. Home Alone (Comedy)

Photo: Metro

The Home Alone franchise is simply rib-tickling. All the movies in the series revolve around the same concept. A clever boy is left alone at home protecting himself from a gang of stupid thieves. Pranks, silly tricks and funny events - what’s not there to like?

6. The Lion King (Drama/Musical)

The Lion King is the best animated movie of all time. It’s a simple story. A young cub tragically loses his father and then battles tirelessly to avenge his father’s death. A tale of friendship, family and love, this movie will teach the value of family and friends.

The list isn’t so short, don’t worry. In addition to the movies mentioned above, some other popular family movies would include the likes of:

- The Harry Potter Series (Adventure/Fantasy)

- The Wizard Of Oz (Drama/Fantasy)

- The Incredibles (Comedy/Fantasy)

- Monsters Inc (Comedy/Fantasy)

If you have more such great movies, please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section! A movie a week, which family has the longest streak? 


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