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The Best Birthday Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Kids’ birthdays today are grand occasions where everyone involved is trying to make the kid feel special for a day. So starting with cake, decorations, and pampering - people try their best so the child feels special and loved. Birthday gifts for kids are a huge part of this pampering and there’s a child-like joy in ripping presents open - that lives on no matter how old one gets.

While we all wished for the best of birthday gifts as kids, when it comes to actually buying birthday gifts for other kids, we are unable to think of much. And if you have a little one yourself, you know that all the birthday party invites keep flooding in and you wonder what birthday gifts you can get for kids each time.

From wondering about what birthday gift to get kids, to whether the gift is age-appropriate - we tend to remain in the dark about birthday gifts for kids. Here are some birthday gifts for kids of all ages.

The first birthday gift: keep it simple

Children this age are usually learning to walk or teething. As a result, it is best not to give them toys with small parts that can be choking hazards. Big colourful blocks sets, dog pull toys and teethers are ideal birthday gifts for kids this age. Other toys include those that make sounds. Baby rattles and mobiles which play lullabies while distracting a baby with moving animals or shapes are also good birthday gift ideas for kids.

Toddlers: get colourful

With their ability to run around and learn languages and new skills, kids this age usually enjoy crayons, pop-up books, craft kits, and coloured clay dough. They enjoy the occasional challenge, and like knowing that they can make new things. Be careful once again, to avoid gifting toys that could be choking hazards for kids.

School-goers: crafty?

Now of a school age, jigsaw puzzles, globes, origami kits, mechanic sets, help the child learn in fun ways that are outside the classroom.

Preteens: challenge them

Children this age can be gifted miniature construction and assembly kits, which come with a manual and let them learn finer craft skills. Children this age can also be gifted novels around themes like detectives, mysteries, and friendships. For children around the older side of this age group, young adult novels, journals and stationery are also appropriate birthday gifts.

So the next time your little one celebrates his/her special birthday, or gets invited to another one’s big birthday, don’t be in a pickle. Just think about getting one of these cool birthday presents for kids! 

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