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So you’re a mother now and you’ve come to a crossroad in your life. You want to go back to work, but at the same time, stay home and take care of your little one. You’re confused and torn, and don’t know what to do. You remember that friend telling you about how daycare helped her get back to work and provided a great environment great opportunity for her child. “Hmmm”, you think to yourself, “maybe that’s something I could look into?”

Then that overly-cautious voice of yours pops into your head, “Your baby is still young. You’re going to leave her in a new and strange place? All alone?!”

You’re back to square one.

“How about hiring a nanny?”, your mother asks, trying to sound helpful. “Great”, you think, “Another option!” The horror stories you’ve heard and read about nannies circulate in your head, in an endless loop.

Oh, the confusion! The crossroad!

Returning to work while you still have a young child can be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Putting your child in a high quality daycare is an excellent solution for both you and your baby. So stash away that guilt, say goodbye to confusion and zoom past that crossroad.

Benefits of DayCare:

A structured environment with trained teachers to administer care and education:

From ages 0-6, children experience what is called a “sensitive” period. During this time, their brains are developing faster than they will ever develop in their lives. So the right messages are communicated in the right environment, in the company of professionals ensures that children are getting the very best start in life. Hence, a structured child-centric environment that is well-organized, crafted keeping this in mind will contribute immensely, to your child’s overall development.

Day care centres have larger groups of children of the same age group.

This facilitates interaction which helps develop a range of social skills like communication, empathy, trust, sharing and caring.

A safe environment with effective monitoring by teachers and trained staff.

Children are curious and playful by nature. A day care provides a safe environment where your little ones can explore to their heart’s content. Well trained staff and teachers ensure that your little one receives the best care and attention, while having fun!

An opportunity for your child to be independent faster, boosting self esteem.

Day care encourages your little one to explore their environment, interact with their peers, and find their own interests and hobbies. This encourages your little one to develop emotional intelligence and independence. Being independent at an early age builds your child’s self-esteem. The higher your child’s self-esteem, the easier it will be for her to face life’s challenges, unfazed.

Learns better behaviour.

Through interaction with peers and teachers, your little one is encouraged to learn behaviour that promotes better social interaction. Saying please and thank you, listening before responding, learning to wait for his turn, learning to share and care for others are just some of the behaviours that your child will pick up at Day Care.

Age appropriate learning:

A good Daycare will have a robust curriculum in place that will engage your child, meaningfully. As your child gets more immersed and interested in the world around him, a good daycare will use this new found wonder as a way to introduce new ideas and concepts through story, song and game play. This kind of engagement goes a long way in building your child’s mental life and worldview. Behaviour learnt includes eating habits, table manners, talking to elders etc.

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