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The 6 Most Common Breastfeeding Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Breastfeeding is an important part of your baby’s nutrition in early life, and also a huge part of the loving bond between mother and baby. But with all the information that comes your way about breastfeeding, and being told about the various things you should or shouldn’t do as a mother, it can be rather overwhelming to know whether you are doing it right.

But fear not, cause we’ve got some advice. While the ‘right’ way to breastfeed varies between different moms and babies, the mistakes you can make are pretty common and if you’re able to avoid these mistakes, you should be able to find the right technique for you and your baby.

1. Skipping the classes

Prenatal classes focus on teaching moms about breastfeeding, among other parenting tasks. So take a few of these classes, as they not only help you understand it better but also give you the confidence to know that you definitely can do it! So if you’re struggling with confidence, a class or two will be great help and reassurance.

2. Worrying too much about positioning your baby

There is no “ideal” latching position for your baby. It differs for every mother and baby, and you have to try different latching positions before you and your baby are both comfortable and at harmony with each other. There is no “perfect” breastfeeding position, so take your time to find the right one for both of you.

3. Being too strict with schedules

Although feeding your baby at roughly uniform times daily is ideal, sometimes, your baby’s appetite will take different patterns. So if your baby doesn’t seem hungry, don’t force them to continue feeding. Babies start and stop breastfeeding based on their hunger patterns and it’s safest to trust their instinct.

4. Worrying too much

Most moms worry that they may not have enough breastmilk or that breast milk is not enough for their baby. While it’s okay to worry a little bit, this should not stop you from breastfeeding your baby unless a doctor says so in case of health issues. Remember that breastfeeding your baby is the best gift you can give him. There is no better nutrition for them, and you should continue breastfeeding your baby until they are around 18-24 months old.

5. Not taking care of yourself

While you’re busy taking care of your little one, it can be easy to neglect your own health. But it’s very important for you to eat healthy while you’re breastfeeding, and ensure that you eat enough. Pregnant and breastfeeding women need a whole extra meal’s worth of calories and nutrients each day. Remember to stay hydrated, and eat all the right foods to keep yourself healthy while you’re busy taking care of your little one. Make sure to also take care of your breasts as the skin can get dry and irritated.

6. Not seeking help

If breastfeeding overwhelms or confuses you, it’s totally okay. Don’t be afraid to speak to a lactation specialist about breastfeeding so that you can learn more and feel confident about your abilities. It’s okay to ask for help, even if it’s just from your mother or your partner. Don’t avoid asking for help. It’s completely okay, and probably will do you good.

So don’t worry about it, breastfeeding is a trial and error, and with some time and practice, as well as advice from the right sources, you’ll be alright. Take good care of your baby, as well as yourself.

Have you made any of these mistakes before? What are some ways that you corrected them? Let all the other moms know!


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