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The 5 Most Relatable Period Memes On The Internet

The time of the month is hard for all of us. The cramps, mood swings and brain fog are only the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, if we’re going to suffer so much through our periods, we might as well bring in some humour and hope to feel better, right? Or at least laugh about it and feel lighter?

Well, here’s a compilation of some of the most relatable memes on the internet, about our periods!

1. The Awkwardness


Can this get any more accurate? The feeling you experience when you sneeze or cough on your period is the most awkward, and who doesn’t feel like they opened up a stream of blood?

2. Friendship goals?


I am not exactly sure how this happens, but a common observation is that women who spend a lot of time around each other have matching dates for their cycle. When this happens with you and your best friend, it really feels like your friendship has hit some huge milestones, doesn’t it?

3. The Crying

Photo: Instagram @silentcomposure

Does your period make you cry a lot? Well, this meme may be for you. Doesn’t it feel like you’re simply lying there in a pool of blood and tears? After all, the mood hurts just as much as your body does during your period.

4. The Midnight Pains!

Photo: POPSugar

Sometimes, your period decides to show up in the middle of the night. And brings along with it, the cramps and the tears! This one might be for you if you’ve ever woken up thanks to your period! After all, isn’t sleep precious?

5. A surprise after the end?

Photo: PMSL web

You think your period has ended. You go an entire day without shedding a drop. And then all of a sudden the next day, it’s back, and guess what you’re unprepared!!! And you probably end up staining a nice pair of panties. Relatable? This one is for you!

Hope you enjoyed these memes. Humour is always a good stressbuster. So ladies, if you’re on your period, get yourself a nice cup of tea, some heating pads for your cramps and watch a funny movie! Get some rest, and help yourself feel better!

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