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Teaching Your Child How To Blow His Nose

Struggling to eat or drink, Uneasiness, Unable to have a sound sleep - all these are the problems that come hand-in-hand with the stuffy nose. It's neither easy for the child nor for the parents. Although there are some options such as bulb syringes and nasal aspirators to provide a bit relief from the stuffy nose, many babies hate it. So, at some point, rather than creating an uphill battle for yourself, the easiest answer would be to teach your child how to blow his nose. So, here is a list of tried and tested methods to help your child master the skill of nose blowing. 

Take it slow: Children don’t learn anything overnight. They learn everything at their own pace. Just like toddling, talking, walking, waving their hands and giving high-fives, learning to blow nose might take a good amount of time. Teach your child step-by-step and start it by letting your child watch how you blow your nose.


 Learning to blow the nose - as simple as it sounds for adults could be as complicated as possible for kids. So make it easier for your child to understand what exactly it is by breaking the whole process into a step-by-step process. For example, tell your child “Mumma will give you a soft tissue. We will put that on your nose. Mumma will close the hole on the right side of your nose with the tissue so that you can blow air and boogers out of it. And then we will do the same with the other hole. Then we will wipe your nose and throw the tissue into the dustbin and wash our hands.”

2.Bath time is Primetime

 Water is something that could get kids excited and to your benefit, things actually get louder and tend to resonate better in the water. Use this as an opportunity. Encourage your child to put his face just below the surface of the water and blow bubbles using only his nose. With this, introduce your child to the idea of blowing air through their nose only and how to do it on demand.

3.Set up a racetrack or play a game 

Make learning fun. Set up a simple racetrack on the kitchen table. Mark a start and finish line. Line up two light objects such as ping pong balls, tissue papers, feathers or a scrap of papers and compete against each other to see who wins by blowing their objects over the finish line, using the only nose. Or make your tissue dance by blowing on it only with your nose.

4.Use a mirror

Blowing a nose and what happens because of that is an easy concept for us to understand whereas it can be a hard concept for children to grasp. They might not know that something actually comes out of their nose and it makes them easier to breathe. So, let your child know about that by making him stand in front of the mirror and blow his nose till the mucus comes out of his nose.

5.Don’t stress

It might take a while for your child to figure out how to blow his nose. Let him take his time and learn at his convenience. Blowing nose is not always easy and doesn't help your child in recovering any faster. It only helps your child to feel a bit of a relief from stuffy nose. Also, too much or too hard of nose blowing could be painful for your child. It can even cause your child to bleed. So, don't get worked up over teaching your child to blow his nose. take it easy on your child. If your child is really uncomfortable with blowing the nose, you could try using a nasal aspiration and keep practising.

6.Make it their responsibility 

Just like you teach other activities like potty training or how to shoelaces, teach your child even to blow the nose. Make them feel like mastering the skill of blowing nose is an accomplishment they should look forward to conquering. Get as creative as possible, present a colourful hanky, decorate the tissue box and challenge your child to blow his nose independently by the time box runs out.

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