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Teach Your Kids to Care for the Environment, like Dia Mirza

The Earth needs us today more than ever. There is an increasing need for people who care about the environment and try to protect it from pollution and decay. Our Earth’s resources like water, fuel and nutrition are limited and they are going to run out unless we conserve them as well as reduce the pollution we are creating. It is up to us to leave enough behind for our children’s generation and some more after them.

Dia Mirza, who is a UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador for India, says that she "wants to use her celebrity status to make positive changes" by "reducing plastic pollution" and creating awareness about protecting the environment. Unfortunately, we’re not all celebrities, so let’s start small, at home, with our own kids. Here’s some easy ways to make your kids live as eco friendly as possible:

Gardening with your kids

Involve your kids in gardening. Not only will this keep them active and healthy, but it will also teach them about caring for plants, big and small. Getting children in direct contact with the environment through gardening is a good way to help them love it and care for it, making them more eco friendly in the long run.

Teach them to segregate

Always dispose of your kitchen waste and your paper and plastic separately. Keep two bins in the house and teach your children how to decide what goes where. For example, teach them that fruit peels go in the wet waste or compost bin, and that paper and plastic wrappers go in the dry waste bin.


Don’t throw away your child’s toys and clothes if they’re still good for use. Throwing them away will only be worse for the environment. Donate them to orphanages, and have your children involved in the process, so they can see the value that the object holds for others. It will make them more grateful as well as teach them to be generous and charitable.

Reuse and recycle

Avoid use-and-throw products as much as you can. Use eco friendly, reusable products that minimise waste. Some of these include reusable bottles, pens which have refills, cloth instead of paper napkins. Teach them what it means to recycle, and involve them in activities related to recycling - like gathering all the paper, glass and metal that can be given for recycling.

Travel smart

Use public transport as much as possible, and teach your kids why you’re doing so. After all, we don’t need to add to our traffic and pollution woes anymore than we have to. It may not be possible to practice this at all times, but using public transport and walking to nearby places are eco friendly practices that are easy to include in your children’s lives.

Discourage wasting

Make sure that you don’t regularly allow your kids to waste food. You can do this by either giving them small portions as and when they ask, or encouraging them to eat what is left on their plate because it should not go to waste. Also teach your children to use water and electricity carefully, turning off switches when they are done and not letting water to go to waste.

Watch some movies together

This has got to be the most fun way to teach your kids something as well as spend quality time with them. Animated movies like “Wall-E”, “Open Season” and “March of the Penguins” can go a long way to make your kids think about the other people and animals that they have to share the planet and environment with. These movies also teach them what happens if they do not care for the environment.

So make sure you teach your children these small habits, because even the smallest changes, when put together, make a huge difference in the world.

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