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Seeing your little one hiccup can be alarming, but they’re generally considered healthy. Baby hiccups are caused because of the contraction of the diaphragm and the quick closing of the vocal cords. In most cases, they don’t interfere with your baby’s daily activities.

However, if you want to get rid of them because you feel your baby is uncomfortable, here are 5 simple techniques you can try.

1. Burp your baby

If you’re feeding when your baby starts hiccuping, then stop for a while and burp your baby. This will release the extra gas that may be causing the hiccups. It is recommended that you burp your baby every time you switch between breasts or when your bottle is finished halfway if you use formula. You can even try switching up the position and try breastfeeding your baby upright.

2. Try breastfeeding

Drinking a small amount of breast milk might help relax the diaphragm. This will stop the hiccups if they’re occuring because of an irritated diaphragm. If you’ve started weaning, you can give your baby something to eat, like a mashed banana, because the act of swallowing may help regulate the diaphragm.

3. Use a pacifier

If your baby starts hiccupping on their own, allow them to suck on their pacifier. This might help in soothing the diaphragm. Some people even swear by using a pacifier that is dipped in a little bit of sugar. However, this is not scientifically recommended. 

4. Gripe water

Gripe water is a mixture of water and herbs, and is used to deal with intestinal discomfort in children. You can also try using this in small administered quantities for hiccups. This method has a 50-50 percent chance of working out, but there’s no harm in trying it.

5. Wait it out

If all else fails, wait for the hiccups to stop. They’ll stop on their own. Hiccups are not usually a sign of anything serious, but if you find your child hiccuping for hours, then you should consult the doctor.


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