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Taimur Ali Khan’s 10 Pictures That Are Sure To Touch Your Heart

The cute and beautiful baby boy of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan has been winning hearts since the day he was born. Today, Taimur has turned 11 months old and with only 1 more month left for his birthday, we thought it justified to give you a run through of all those Oh-so-adorable pictures of the young Nawab. You might remember that recently on Children’s Day, Saif Ali Khan had shocked everyone by buying an SRT Jeep of net worth Rs. 1.3 crore for his son Taimur. The young celebrity has been in headlines and news almost the entire time right through his birth. And so, below are 10 such pictures that kept the young one in the news.

1. The day he came into the world

This picture is right through the maternity ward of the hospital where Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to her son. This first glimpse of Taimur was enough to make all the media heads turning. Both mom and son really do look adorable no? 

2. Taimur-Kareena bonding day

In this picture, you can see how happy Taimur is when his mother kisses him on the head. Both mom and son have the perfect photogenic faces.

3. Enjoying the swing

In this picture, you can see how Taimur is playing on the swing while looking outside his house towards the camera.

4. Outdoors in the limelight

Taimur too is no shy baby. In this picture, you can see how he is enjoying the media limelight with his mother Kareena.

5. A conversation with Dad

Though we couldn’t make out what Taimur was talking to his father about, maybe you can give it a shot. Taimur does look very enthusiastic it talking to his father.

6. All set for the plane journey

This cute picture of Taimur was clicked at the airport where he can be seen in a stroller and perfectly secured. This was the first international journey of the little nawab.

7. Curiously amazed by dad

It is clearly visible in this picture how Taimur was wondrously amazed by the glass of light that father Saif was holding. Can you guess what might be going on in the little one’s head?

8. The one with Aunt Soha

Though it was Saif Ali Khan’s sister Soha Ali Khan’s baby shower, the one who stole all the limelight was Taimur. In this photo session from that day, you can see how Taimur is looking curiously at his favourite aunt Soha.

9. The Indian attire

In this cute picture of the young prince, you can see him wearing a traditional Indian attire ie., Kurta Pyjama. Taimur does look incredibly cute and handsome in this traditional dress as well.

10. Family picture time

No photo album is complete without a family picture and we think Taimur believes so too. In this picture, you can see how happy the entire family is and how much love all of them have for each other.

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