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Baby care: Symptoms of ADHD among children!

All of us love our children from the bottom of our heart and we want them to be healthy, mentally and physically.

Let us also be aware of certain factors that affect the behavior of our child. There are n number of factors which affect children’s behavior, one among which is ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyper disorder.

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Did you know it is the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder among kids in preschool, it is now found in one of every 11 school-age children!

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For parents to zero down on the issue is a big challenge. But there are visible symptoms of ADHD to watch for:

1. Constant climbing — even when instructed not to do so.

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2. Continuous movement, such as bouncing a knee constantly, the inability to sit without squirming, or restless feet, accompanied by frequent needs to get up and move around.

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3. For 4-year-olds, an inability to hop on one foot.

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4. Being louder and noisier than fellow playmates.

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5. The inability to focus for more than a few minutes without losing interest.

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The other symptoms are:

> Refusal to participate in an activity that requires the child’s attention for more than a minute or two.

> When these symptoms are apparent, the child should be evaluated.

> Running and moving so quickly that it may result in serious injuries, such as stitches, even after having been told to stop.

> Often befriending strangers with little caution.

> Showing unusually low fear in situations that can lead the child into danger.

> An inability to play peacefully with others, and the occasional show of a level of aggression that requires removing the child from a situation.

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