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Relationships aren’t a cakewalk. When things start to get dull, you both need to reinvent yourself and each other to spark up that romance. Romance is not all about candle-lit dinners and dances on rooftops. It is way more than that.

Nowadays, we are all so busy with work that we fail to strike a balance between work and home life. When you feel that the pressure is mounting and you haven’t been spending too much time with your partner, now would be the time to use that vacation leave you have been saving up for so long.

Here are a few ways in which you can spark up the romance this summer:

1. Dinner date

In the hot summer weather, you may not feel like going out, even at night due to the humid air. Under such a circumstance, put your kids to sleep a little early and set the dinner table with a few candles and flowers. If you both can cook together, that is even better. Studies have shown that couples who cook together once in a while tend to show more affection towards one another.

2. Dance

You may not realize this, but moving your body to some nice music may really help you loosen up and connect with your partner. Instead of going to clubs or concerts, play some nice music in your own house, dim the lights and dance with your partner. See how your chemistry rekindles!

3. Cuddle while watching TV

Don’t want to miss out on your favourite TV show but also want to have some fun with your partner? You can do both! Give each other some gentle feet massages while watching the television or lay your head on your partner’s lap and let them stroke your hair. These small gestures of intimacy will make a huge difference.

4. Tell them you love them

We assume that the other person is amazing at guessing things and hence we leave so many things unsaid. Remember that this is your partner and you married them for a reason. Do not forget to tell them once in a while how much you love them and how much they mean to you. These things may seem mundane but can have an enormous effect on the other person’s mood.

5. Movie night

Yes, it is admittedly hot during the summers so book your ticket for the night show in your favourite movies. Two hours of undisturbed time with your partner where neither of you two feel compelled to talk is just the thing. Hold hands and eat popcorn together. It might just be a way of renewing some old memories.

6. Don’t talk work

Make a list of things that you should absolutely not talk about at the dinner table or when spending time with each other. Work should be at the top of this list. Both of you might have a long list of complaints that you desperately want to share with your partner, but do not do that. Talk about a work just a little bit and then move on to other topics.

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