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Sushmita Sen Posted The Most Heartwarming Graduation Dedication For Her Daughter

Mothers have a strong bond with their children. A mother and daughter bond is one in the many special and strong bonds parents have with their little ones. Sushmita Sen has posted the most heartwarming dedication for her daughter’s graduation which will surely make you smile at all mother-daughter relationships.

Time to say goodbye

One day you may have to send off their little ones to study in another city, state or even country. Yet, having shared a strong bond - your relationship continues to be special no matter the distance. When it may be the time to say goodbye at some point, all the nostalgic moments always come back.

Mothers and children remember the good old days - of the the first walk, words, smile, food, exams, assignments, etc. In addition to that, there is an equal remembrance of you as a child and how much you’ve changed to make sure your children get the best of everything.

Keeping the bond going

In an article of the IDiva, Sushmita Sen has posted the most loving and caring dedication for her daughter Renée’s 12th standard graduation. It will definitely make every mom smile. Sushmita added a very emotional and proud caption that will resonate of your own lovely relationship with your child.

There was no mention of marks or grades, but just how far the mother-daughter have managed to come in life’s beautiful journey. This shows how parenting is best when filled with love, motivations and encouragement.

Get ready to tear up!

The articlealso had mentions of how far a mother like Sushmita has come. Right from adoption and parenting as a single mother - she seems to have managed the the ups and downs well. In the end, the ultimate joy overpowers everything. Sushmita has always remained a caring mother, always keeping her daughters near her.

She is known to be the many parents, documenting and celebrating every little things about her daughters since they were born. Her independent choices to take on her daughters by her own will has been truly inspiring. In fact, she is the perfect example to keep your children both loved as well as safe simultaneously.

We are sure you too share special bonds with your children. Are there things that you will that are the most heartwarming that you have experienced too? 

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