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Surviving Those First Few Months With A Newborn

The first few weeks after the birth of your baby can be hard on you, especially if this was your time. And even if you have had kids before, every baby is different and so are the circumstances. The first few days are always tough on a mother. That is why we bring so some tips that will help you to make it through the challenging few months with your newborn.

1. Accept help

You are in need of all the help you can get. So, do not be afraid to ask for help from anyone, and accept all the offers of help you get. Use it for having meals, or taking showers. Do not think that you are burdening someone by asking them to help. You should realize that although you may be feeling you can handle everything by yourself, you actually cannot, as your body is weak and needs time to recover.

2. Take naps

Newborn babies have no definite sleeping schedule. They sleep whenever they like and wake up at the most ungodly hours just to cry out loud. You will have no chance getting proper rest and you will be sleep deprived soon. Take quick naps whenever the baby is sleeping. This will give you much-needed rest. Also, do not worry about the chores that are needed to be done as someone will take care of it for you. You only need to take care of yourself so that you can look after the baby better.

3. Maternity pads

Stock up on maternity pads because you are going to need them. You will bleed, quite a lot, sometimes up to 6 weeks or more. So, have plenty of maternity pads on hand.

4. Let the emotions flow

You will be on an emotional roller coaster ride even after the birth of the baby. It is totally normal to cry sometimes, it only makes you feel better. Confide in a friend or a close family member, if not your partner, and tell them how you are doing and feeling. Keep checking yourself for signs of postnatal depression and do not hesitate in seeking help, if you feel like it.

5. Say No to visitors

Know that it is okay to say no to visitors. You do not need to feel guilty about it. It is your baby and your life and if the onslaught of the visitors is making you stressed you can always tell them that it is not a good time to stop by, or that you need some quiet time alone or with family.

6. Try to establish a routine

Learn to pick up the signs and cues from baby and try to make a routine around them. It will definitely make your life easier and give you the time you require for other activities.

Always remember that things will get better and the hard times will pass. And when they do, the joy of having a baby will be an eternal bliss. As the baby grows old you will see more interaction and it gets exciting from there on. Try and enjoy these times, it is going to be rewarding soon.

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