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Surviving the First Month with a Baby

A baby changes your life in all ways possible. While you never seem to get enough of your little bundle of joy, the first few weeks after the baby’s birth can be really hard and terrifying for the new parents. You may be prepared for 24x7 care of your baby, but the challenges that come along may still shock you. Let us help you by listing some points that will make your journey with the baby, as pleasant it is, smooth and easy.

1. Take all the help

You are not superhuman and you are going to need a lot of help in making it through the first month with the baby. So, accept all offer of helps that are made to you, without any pride. You should even ask for help if things are getting difficult. An offer to cook you a meal or taking care of the baby while you shower can be a huge relief on your burdened shoulders.

2. Divide parental duties

You both are partners for life and partners share everything. With the coming of baby, a huge load of responsibilities fell on both of you. Either of you cannot do everything on their own, even if they wanted to. Make a list of duties and clearly divide them among yourself so that it suits both of your schedules. You should not be selfish in this endeavor burdening your partner with responsibilities but you should also be able to speak up if you think you will not be able to handle certain duties.

3. Set up a routine

Make a routine around the baby’s activities. Pick up signs and try to establish a cycle of baby’s activities throughout the day. Try to do your activities in accordance to the cycle. Set up clear times for waking up and going to sleep. Even the baby will slowly adapt to it. A set routine will make your life a lot easier and open up some time window which you can utilize doing some other stuff that was kept aside for long.


4. Sleep when the baby sleeps

You will hear this phrase a lot. Do try to follow it too as it is greatly helpful. Otherwise, it may also happen that you do not get to sleep at all. Take small naps while the baby is asleep; it will give you the rest that is much needed and deserved and stop you from being sleep deprived. Other things can take care of themselves, you just go to sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, your body will be tired and your mind will not function properly. You first need to take care of yourself before you are fit to take care of the baby.

5. It’s okay to say no

You already have enough on your hands to take care of, you do not need to be loading yourself with unnecessary responsibilities of arriving guests or going to someplace you were invited. You can always socialize when your baby grows a little older. For now, say no to invitations and refrain from inviting people over, if you are not comfortable with it.

6. Eat healthily

With all the chaos lying around, sometimes you do not give proper attention to your diet and eat junk or leftovers at odd hours. Try not to do so, as far as possible. You have just given birth to a baby; your body is weak and it needs proper nutrition to recover. In the routine you make, set out a time to eat proper healthy food. It is not only good for you but beneficial for the baby as well.


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