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Survival Tips For First Six Months After The Baby is Born

So, you have finally got what you wished for and you have become a mother. After 9 long months of waiting, you got to see your baby and we are sure you were ecstatic. But now, the main struggle is about to start. Yes, we agree that pregnancy is not that easy and you have been through a lot. Yet, now you have to raise a child and that is going to be even more challenging. The first six months especially will be the time when you will get very little sleep, will have almost no idea of what you are doing and you will constantly pray to God to show you the way. Well, we don’t know about God but we are here to help you through these crucial 6 months of both yours and your little one’s life.

1. It will get better, just have faith

Even though you are new to all this, you still need to figure out what they want, when they want and how they want it without them telling you anything because quite frankly, they can’t. Yet, just like us, even newborn babies have a basic schedule of their own and over time you will be able to understand it and work through it. So, just look for all the subtle hints your little one must be dropping for you and try discerning his/her routine.

2. Let your husband parent in his own way

Everyone has their own different type of parenting which they develop based on the past experiences they have had. So, don’t try imposing your style of parenting on your husband. Just let them do their thing and be assured that they will do their best to raise the baby. There will be instances when you will have an argument with your husband about what’s best for the child but instead of fighting over it, just listen to each other and figure it out accordingly.

3. Don’t be shy to ask for help

Nobody becomes a full-fledged parent as soon as they have a child. It takes time and a lot of support from friends and family. So, no matter how small the task might be, don’t be afraid of asking for help. Everyone around you understands what you are going through and they are there to help you. You are not alone in anything at any point in time.

4. Be prepared to say sorry a lot of times to your husband

You and your husband have different parenting techniques and both of you will need to work together with each other. And yet there will be a lot of moments when you will fight with each other. But, it is important that you do not let these little fights escalate into something big. Just stay calm and sort it put together.

5. There will soon be a day when you will figure it out

Eventually and slowly as you keep doing things, you will be able to start figuring out everything. Just don’t lose hope and ask for help for anything you need from the people close to you. And one day without you even realising it, you will be able to do the things on your own without any troubles.

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