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Surprising: This Baby Is Alive 8 Hours After Burial

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Pregnancy and babies are an overwhelming experience. While there is love and excitement, there is also fear of any complications that might occur with your little one. Read on to know a surprising story of how a baby girl was alive 8 hours after her claimed burial.

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A sensitive importance

When babies enter your life - there is a whole lot of fun, curiosity and love. There is so much that your baby wishes to and you want your baby to explore in the world.

At the same time, you need to make sure your little one gets everything that is needed. This is mainly because they have just entered a new world and everything is foreign for them. Your baby deserves the best food, nutrients, developmental tools, sleep, fun, etc.

In a sensitive time like this, you as a parent must ensure that your baby is not short of anything.

Photo is for representation purpose only

Case of mistaken negligence?

In a Deccan Chronicle article, the Brazil police were shocked and surprised to find a baby girl alive under the soil. After getting some information, the officials were not ready to hear a sign of life from the baby girl being buried in the soil.

The family had made an incorrect assumption that their baby girl had stopped breathing. The family said they had failed to report the death as they were following customs. The baby girl was taken for hospital care immediately after making sure she did not suffer from suffocation.

The article also added that there have been several other similar reports of children coming back to life at funerals. In fact, there have been a number of cases found in India as well.

Your baby is important to you. So, keep your little one safe and happy parenting! 

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