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Surprising Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Contraceptives

One of the greatest innovations of the humankind- Condom! It was a simple discovery which has changed our lives even today. On an average, 15 million condoms are used every year around the globe. It is one of the safest methods of contraceptives.   

What are the chances of getting pregnant even after using condoms?

Once you’re pregnant, there is a very small window of conception but only during the third trimester. But the chances of a failure are only about 2-3%.

If you’re not planning for a baby, condoms are the best for use as it will shield you. However, they don’t promise a full 100% guaranteed protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Can a condom break?

Yes, condoms can break open while having sex. It is probably due to the friction of the body’s movements or because it wasn’t worn properly in the first place. Depending on the woman’s menstrual cycle and length of her periods, it is possible to get pregnant if the condom breaks.

Better safe than sorry, so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using condoms:


1.Since it can be purchased without a prescription, it is available to all for use. It is one of the best ways to beat teen pregnancy also.

2.It is easy to use as it just needs to be worn properly for the best results. Women don’t even have to undergo painful surgeries or visit the doctor for other contraceptive methods.

3.They’re a one time use thing and it can be bought from any medical store or even a supermarket. It is available that easily.

4.It doesn't affect the fertility of the person so you can be fertile and still have sex without the fear of getting pregnant.

5.Ensures safety from all the sexually transmitted diseases as there is no exchange of body fluids.

6.Condoms these days are flooding the markets with new and exciting flavors and textures to pleasure you max!


1.Those who are allergic to latex might end up with rashes and sore skin after use.

2.The intimate body’s connection is reduced by at least 45% and that’s why a lot of couples opt for using withdrawal method. Condom decreases the skin to skin sensation which lowers the excitement factor.

3.Condoms can only be used with water based lubricants as the oil-based lube will cause it to break open while having sex.

4.After reaching the climax, the male must quickly pull out his penis out of the vagina to prevent the penis from becoming flaccid and spilling out his little swimmers.

5.Now that you know of the advantages and disadvantages of using a condom as a contraceptive method, choose your side!

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