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Summer Vacation With The Kids: Tips To Keep In Mind

Summer holiday is the time of the year when you get a lot of valuable time with your kiddos and a perfect time to plan a summer vacation with your family. Travelling with your little ones can be more exhausting than relaxing but don’t you worry, I am here with some super fun summer vacation ideas for keeping your kiddos well behaved and ohhh sooo happy!

Heading towards a beach or to a theme park, every summer vacation will have a lot of fun and spark!! Here are some fun family vacation tips:

1)Plan a well-detailed summer vacation: 


Whether you are planning a road trip, taking a flight or a train just plan your travelling checklist in detail. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the car during your summer vacation, make sure you schedule a long list of kid’s friendly pit stops. I am sure you must have planned stops for their meals but try and look for restaurants with play zones. This will be a super trick as you can eat peacefully while they can play cheerfully!!

2)A sense of responsibility:



Let your kids handle their own summer vacation bags (Unless they are too young!!) and accessories as this will make them more responsible and lessen your burden (hehehe)! Make small summer vacation bag packs for your kiddos with some eatables and play material stacked in it and leave it to them – “What to choose and when to choose”? Keep an eye on them as your guidance is very important.

3)Time is of essence but not with kids: 

During this summer vacation, I am sure you must have penned down a long list of landmarks/places you will like to visit but imagine from a child’s perspective. Hurrying up your schedule to catch up with everything with your kids will frustrate you and them more so, just calm down and let your kids take the lead and enjoy themselves!!

4) Stock up some lip-smacking snacks:

A hungry child is a grumpy child, so stock up some delicious snacks for you and your little ones. Pack some easy snacks like cheese sticks, multigrain granola bars, crackers and fruity biscuits etc. If it’s a car journey, pile up lot of drinking water as well as fruit juices as heat can cause dehydration. Carry small handy packets of juices even if you are travelling in flights or trains as it keeps them hydrated and energetic.

5) A bag full of fun activities: 



Before you plan a summer vacation with your kiddos plan lot of entertaining indoor and outdoor activities to keep them busy. Fun activities like a hang on magnetic puzzle/ board games which can be hung at the back of the driver and passenger seats. Design an organizer with lots of colours like colour pencils, crayons, drawing sheets, sticker sheets for your kids so, that they can draw and colour whatever they see during their summer vacation. Stack up some cool books which are easy and amusing to read during a journey like tinkle. Let your kids enjoy some quiet reading time. In all this don’t forget to get all these playful items back to your home again!!

6) Be a Doctor....almost:



Make a specific summer vacation medicinal pouch/bag with all the required medicines and syrups for kids and for yourself as travelling can make your kids tired and sick. So, right medicine at the right time can save your child’s health and your summer vacation. Make a list of all the medications along with the ailment they are used for so, that anyone can administer these medicines even in your absence.

7) Let your kids be the!:



I am sure you want your kids to enjoy every single moment of this summer vacation, you want them to enjoy their surroundings, historical sites like monuments, capture animals in the zoo, rides of the theme park. Handover a camera to them and you will see the magic!!

Giving them an expensive camera is never a good idea so, look for cheaper cameras or binoculars so, that they can live and remember these summer vacation’s fun moments. Make sure you make individual photo albums at the end of this summer vacation, with their names and photos on the top to give them that sense of responsibility and achievement.

Try these summer vacation ideas and plan an exciting summer vacation today!! Travelling with your kids will surely be exhausting but I am sure you will be able to sail through it easily!!

Kindly share your summer vacation experiences as I will love to hear your new fun stories….have a great and safe summer vacation!!

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