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Summer Vacation With The Kids: Places To Visit

Summer vacations are already going on and I am sure you all must be figuring out how to keep your pre-schoolers and teens occupied? Trust me I can understand as I am a mother of an over-enthusiastic 3year old one. New ideas like summer camps, national parks, sanctuaries can be a superb solution, and a blessing in disguise as kids will, in turn, learn new things from such summer vacation experiences.

Summer vacation and travelling with kids, especially younger ones can be really exhausting so, plan it well, select kid-friendly hotels or summer vacation apartments with small kitchenettes where you can heat milk for babies, make simple sandwiches for hungry munchkins and let the whole family spread out a bit instead of being cramped in a hotel room.

As I mentioned in my last article, pen down a detailed checklist and pack up bags full of delicious and non–messy snacks, fun games and some entertaining items like colouring and sticker books to keep young kids occupied at airports, on trains as they will get restless soon. Most important tip - a dedicated first aid kit should be easily available in your travelling bags.

So, after talking to many mothers and fathers too, I came up with this cheerful list of summer vacation destination with your kiddos!! Try them today…

1) Darjeeling - Toy train and cable car ride


‘Toy train’ the word is enough to excite every single child, honestly even parents as well. In this summer vacation just hop on the toy train from – Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling which is almost a stretch of 70 km loaded with scenic beauty and greenery. Imagine trekking to the Tiger hills in the early morning hours soaking up in the most mesmerizing sunrise in India. Combination of blue sky, rising orangy sun and loads of fresh air….sounds wow!! Right. Other worthy attractions for children are rock garden, tea garden, waterfalls and cable car ride which will be a thrilling summer vacation experience.

2) Jaisalmer - Camel ride and stargazing

Jaisalmer as a summer vacation destination will surely be hot during the day but nights will be cooler. It is known as a Golden city as most of the construction of houses and temples are done with yellow stones. You can enjoy the camping experience, gazing at the stars with your little ones lying peacefully on the sands of the Thar desert. Another joyous summer vacation experience will be riding the ship of the desert – Camel, no doubts it will be bumpy but will surely add another chapter to your summer vacation.

3) Ranthambore National Park and Gir National Park – Safari

Fun and frolic summer vacation with an addition of animal safari will be like a cherry on the top. Imagine looking at India’s national animal ‘Tigers’ with their little cubbies running around…exciting right?? Be a little careful while checking out ferocious Tigers, Lions, Deer, Nilgai, Wild boars as it will instantly give you that blood rush along with thrilling goosy goosebumps. There are many wildlife sanctuaries but Ranthambore and Gir are well planned and surely a must visit during these summer vacation.

4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Swim with elephants, marine life park and undersea walk

Raise the excitement of your summer vacation to the skies by planning an Andaman and Nicobar Island trip. Clean and beautiful turquoise waters, most of the land covered with coconut trees, fine sandy beaches, rich marine life and corals will tingle your nerves. Take your kids to the ‘Havelock Island’ known for its pristine, white sand beaches and clear waters offering many exciting activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving and under-sea walk. These activities can be done by kids as well but under complete supervision and correct guidance. This island beaches have trained chaperones who supervise and carry out these fun activities. Many other activities include visit to cellular jails, Mahatma Gandhi Marine life Park (home to coral reefs and sea life) will add another feather to your cap and to your summer vacation.

5) Adlabs Imagica - Amusement rides

An amusement park is a must have visit for every single child during this summer vacation as it serves a lot of flavours on the same platter. A combination of fun rides, water games, 3D and 4D simulations and much more in the same premises. Adlabs Imagica is a water-based fun park located near Khopoli on Mumbai – Pune Expressway. Modelled on the similar lines of the Universal Studio and it will surely give you that amazing experience. It has numerous theme rides, one of the largest roller coaster rides in India. It is a like a fantasy land which brings stories alive and hence is a perfect family summer vacation destination to build stories of a lifetime.

6) Lonavala - Balloon ride and adventure activities at Della

Imagine floating in the sky in these summer vacations, with breathtaking views of valley, lakes and cliffs. Yes, you guessed it right. I am talking about hot air balloon ride in one of the most spectacular hill station in Maharashtra known as Lonavala. Della Adventures, which is just 3.3 km from Lonavala, is a must-visit place and has lot of activities for kids and adults as well. Go check this summer vacation destination today!!

I am sure this list of summer vacation destinations will push you to plan a holiday today and now….just be mindful of choosing the suitable hotels and pen down a checklist and don’t forget to cross check it before you leave for back home.

Share your experiences as it keeps me going and motivated!


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