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Summer Activities: Keep Your Child Busy This Summer

One thing parents dread when the summer is nearing is hearing the words ‘I’m bored’ over and over again. Since kids don’t have school to focus all of their energy in, they tend to get easily bored and torture the hell out of their parents for not keeping them occupied. Even if you plan on travelling during the holidays, your little one will still need lots of attention. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create a craft station

If you have kids that draw and colour on every flat surface possible, a craft station will come in handy. All you have is a table, a chair and few supplies like scissors, glue, craft paper, crayons, paints and papers. You can use old paper, tissue rolls and so on to give your child a base.

2. Summer camps

This might be the most obvious option to keep your child busy during summers but you don’t have to spend a lot of bucks to get your child in. Keep an eye on free summer camps that you can find usually in parks and recreation centers. These camps can last anywhere between a couple of days to a month.

3. Gardening

You’ll never know if your child has a green thumb if you let them garden and summers are perfect for that. Create a garden patch in your backyard or front yard and have your kids plant seeds and water them regularly. This will consume a lot of your little one’s time and if you’re lucky, your child will wake up wanting to see how his plants are doing.

4. Activity bucket

Sometimes you have a lot of things on your mind but they often slip out of your mind when you need them. For this, every time you get an idea, note it down on a popsicle stick and make an activity bucket. Every day you go out, pick up one of the popsicle and do what the popsicle tells you do to.

5. Memory board

A great way to keep track of the things you do in the summers is to make sure a memory board. If you go out for a movie, stick all the tickets on it and if you go for an amusement park, the photos go on it. This will give you the momentum you need to keep the summer light and fun.

6. Garage sale

Summers are great to clean out the junk from your kid’s bedroom. These toys, clothes and games can be donated to charity or you can hold a garage sale. The money from this sale will be additional pocket money to your kid which she can use to make her summer more awesome. 

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