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Sugarcane Juice While Breastfeeding: Is It Safe For The Baby?

sugarcane juice while breastfeeding

A new mother must always take care of her food intake as their breast milk is the only food given to the infant. Breastmilk must always be nutritious as these nutrients can protect the baby from digestive problems, heart problems, respiratory illness, ear infections, tooth decay. Since your body is producing breastmilk, it is important you must consume a well-balanced diet.

Sometimes, as a lactating mother when we are having selected items with a lot of ghee, we are also worried about our post-delivery weight loss. Does sugarcane juice increase weight and is it safe to consume sugarcane juice while breastfeeding?

Table Of Contents

1. Sugarcane Juice And Its Nutritional Aspects

2. Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

3. Can You Have Sugarcane Juice While Breastfeeding

4. Safety Of Sugarcane Juice While Breastfeeding

5. Conclusion

Sugarcane Juice And Its Nutritional Aspects

Sugarcane juice or ganne ka ras is the syrup which is extracted from sugar cane. Sugarcanes are commonly grown in South Asia and this sweet beverage is commonly savoured during hot summers to keep the body cool.

Nutritional Value of Sugarcane Juice

nutritional value of sugarcane juice

Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

benefits of sugarcane juice

India is probably the largest producer of sugarcane. Sugarcane juice is very sweet and delicious beverage and is considered highly beneficial according to traditional Indian medicine. Sugarcane juice has been listed as a powerful drink which can cure many problems such as dehydration, fights infection, boost immunity, cures fevers during summers and can cure cold problems. The health benefits of sugarcane juice are:

1. Sugarcane juice is diuretic which means it can clear urinary tract infections and it can ensure proper functioning of the kidneys. Sugarcane juice nutrition is highly recommended for patients suffering from kidney stones.

2. One of the most important benefits of sugarcane juice is that it can boost the functioning of the liver, which is a very important organ for the digestive system. Sugarcane juice can be beneficial for treating jaundice.

3. Sugarcane juice can make up for the loss of proteins and it can replenish the lost nutrients

4. Sugarcane juice can build up for plasma and loss of body fluids and thus providing a perfect remedy for dryness and fatigue.

5. Sugarcane juice while breastfeeding can suit the stomach burns and can cure acidity. It can improve your bowel movement and they help you relieve constipation.

6. Sugarcane juice is very rich in minerals and thus beneficial for the baby’s health.

7. Sugarcane juice has a low glycaemic index (GI) thus sugarcane juice for weight loss is recommended.

There are many benefits of sugarcane juice and both pregnant and lactating women can consume sugarcane juice which will keep their body hydrated and supply them with some essential minerals such as calcium and iron which improves the health of both the mother and the child.

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Can You Have Sugarcane Juice While Breastfeeding

sugarcane juice for breastfeeding mothers

Sugarcane juice is one of the healthiest beverages that you can have while breastfeeding. Sugarcane juice contains a good amount of sugar which is not to easy to digest by the lactating mother’s body but also provides energy to the body which is required by the body to recover from post-delivery.

Sugarcane juice is very rich in minerals, particularly iron. Iron is an important mineral which is used to make red blood cells and since there is a lot of loss of blood while delivering the baby, sugar cane juice can provide you with sufficient red blood cells to produce RBC’s and thus curing your anaemia.

Being low in the glycaemic index, sugarcane juice can be helpful in shedding of that pregnancy weight and lactating mothers. Sugarcane juice also helps in detoxification of the body which improves the working of kidney and liver and thus boosting the entire digestive system functioning.

Postpartum depression is another major issue faced by many lactating mothers. Sugar content in sugarcane juice can help you fight against the postpartum depression as the low glycaemic index slowly releases the sugar in the blood which makes you feel happy and can help set aside post-partum depression

However, it is advised not to give sugarcane juice directly to the babies who are 6 months old and above as it can cause:

1. The digestive problem since the sugarcane juice may not be hygienic enough.

2. It can cause tooth decay to the baby

3. Your baby will get used to the sweet tooth.

Sugarcane juice is rich in calcium and thus you may start giving your 1-year old kid sugar juice as it can assist in the development of the bones and teeth.

Safety Of Sugarcane Juice While Breastfeeding

sugarcane juice when breastfeeding

Sugarcane juice apart from being highly beneficial may also produce some adverse effects and can lead to serious health issues, hence consuming a moderate quantity of sugarcane juice is safe while breastfeeding. The side effects of sugarcane juice can be:

1. Dizziness: Excessive sugarcane juice can cause dizziness as the excess calories can affect the brain

2. Acute headaches: Anything in excess can mess up with the body functioning and cause headaches. It is very important that you stay as far as you can from headaches while breastfeeding as it can cause weakness in the body and the headache can last for years.

3. Thinning of blood: Sugarcane juice can decrease the platelet count and thus resulting in thinning of the blood.

4. It can affect the cholesterol level in the body.

5. Insomnia: Excessive sugarcane juice while breastfeeding can give you insomnia. While breastfeeding, the mothers do not get enough sleep during the first six months of delivery, hence sugarcane can affect the minimum sleep which you get.

It is always good that you must consult your doctor before consuming sugarcane juice as they will suggest the right amount of sugarcane juice which you must consume while breastfeeding.

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Sugarcane juice is a perfect beverage to cool your body temperature. Since India is the largest producer of sugarcane in India, this juice is available at a cheaper price. Sugarcane juice is easily available but you must take care that sugarcane juice must be produced under hygienic conditions as any source of contamination in the sugarcane juice can create health issue to the infants who are reliable on the breastmilk produced by the lactating mothers.

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