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Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy: Is It Safe For Your Baby?

Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

The only period which could make the most carefree soul obsessed with revamping their entire diet is the pregnancy. It is time when each and every mom-to-be wants to be healthy and one of the important way to let that happen is by following the right pregnancy diet which includes an ample amount of fruits and veggies. But which all fruits or fruits juices are beneficial to the pregnant women is a common question. Sugarcane juice or ganne ka juice is not excluded from this question. Is it safe to drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy? If yes, what are the health benefits of sugarcane juice and what are its possible side effects? Here is all the required information to assist you in having a healthy pregnancy by acquiring all the health benefits of sugarcane.

Table of Contents:

‣ What is Sugarcane

‣ How to prepare Sugarcane juice

‣ Nutrition facts of Sugarcane juice

‣ Why should you drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy?

‣ Precautions to be taken with sugarcane juice during pregnancy

What is Sugarcane?

Sugarcane, belonging to the perennial and tall grass species, is commonly found in the warm climates of Southeast Asia. It is utilized in the production of sugar. Sugarcane can be consumed in the raw form or in the form of sugarcane juice. Sugarcane juice (or also called as ganne ka juice), prepared from sugarcane, is healthy, sweet and excellent on your health. Health benefits of sugarcane juice are numerous and it is absolutely safe during pregnancy period until and unless you are diabetic (even gestational diabetes) or tend to have diabetes.

Sugarcane juice is nutritious and contains vitamin B6, B5, B3, A, C and B1. It also contains magnesium, iron and calcium.

How to prepare sugarcane juice?

Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

Preparing sugarcane juice or ganne ka juice from sugarcane is as simple as you can imagine. All you need to is crush the fibrous plant by passing a thick stalk of sugarcane plant through a machine that is operated manually. This releases the natural sap of the plant which is the delicious juice from the sugarcane. Just strain the juice for impurities and savour the sweetness and healthfulness of the juice.

You can either drink this ganne ka juice plain or by adding ice cubes with it. To give a little twist to the taste to this juice, you can add ginger, mint leaves and black salt as well. Makes you want to grab a glass of sugarcane juice, doesn't it?

The naturally refreshing juice could be used in cooking as well. The sweetness of sugarcane juice is best to make a base for soups and stews, especially in Asian cooking. Sugarcane juice has the ability to take place of other liquids in coconut-based dishes as it provides a deep flavour.

The taste of and the health benefits of sugarcane juice is relished throughout the world but it is most common in Central and South America and also in Southeast Asia.

Nutrition facts of Sugarcane juice:

As aforesaid, sugarcane juice is affordable and has all the essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, antioxidants, proteins and fiber. This kind of nutrition profile increases its value and health benefits of sugarcane juice.

Each serving of sugarcane juice (100 ml) contains the following:

‣ Energy - 39 cal

‣ Carbohydrates - 9 g

‣ Fat - 0 g

‣ Protein - 0 g

‣ Calcium - 10 mg

Why should you drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy?

Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

This healthy drink, sugarcane juice, is a low-calorie drink that is absolutely healthy for pregnant women and the range of health benefits of sugarcane juice is more than you could imagine. But what are those which makes it must-haves? Here are the amazing benefits you should know that persuades you to drink and savour sugarcane juice during pregnancy.

1. Rich in proteins: Amino acids are the building blocks of cell in your body and your baby’s. Hence protein is absolutely essential during pregnancy for your baby’s growth and development. Consuming sugarcane juice during pregnancy could help you in conforming to the needs of your body.

2. Improves digestion and Relieves Constipation: Among the various health benefits of sugarcane juice, the role it plays in the digestion process tops the list. It acts as one of the best digestive aid. One of the common banes women face during pregnancy is constipation. The potassium in the sugarcane juice could help you in combating it and improve your digestion. It could also overt any possible tummy infections.

3. Balances bilirubin levels: The natural detoxifier of the body, liver, will be on its toes during pregnancy due to an increase in the toxin level in the body. The bilirubin levels help in proper liver functioning and help in having a healthy liver. It also keeps the bilirubin levels in check.

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

4. Boosts immunity: Of all the health benefits of sugarcane juice during pregnancy, boosting the immunity of pregnant women is important. Sugarcane juice contains a high amount of antioxidants. And this could help in fighting off the common infections and keep up the strong immunity.

5. Low Glycemic index: Sugarcane juice contains high sugar content but with a low level of the glycemic index. It is comparatively good for diabetic patients. The low level of the glycemic index could prevent the rise in blood sugar level and it is particularly important for pregnant women. It is often advised to drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy period but in moderation.

6. Averts morning sickness: Morning sickness during pregnancy is one of the major problems pregnant women encounter. It could meddle with your mood, productivity and self-esteem. Drinking a glass of fresh juice with a touch of ginger is effective in averting the morning sickness.

7. Urinary Tract Infections: To reduce the inflammation and burning sensation, drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy along with lime juice and coconut water will help in greater extent.

8. Energy booster: Pregnancy period is often full of fatigue and tiredness. And one of the health benefits of sugarcane juice is its ability to provide an instant kick of energy. It provides the high levels of energy needed during pregnancy. Drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy period boosts energy efficiency and re-hydrates the body by replacing the lost body fluid.

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Precautions to be taken with sugarcane juice during pregnancy:

Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

There are a few precautions need to be taken while consuming sugarcane juice during pregnancy period:

‣ Sugarcane juice is at its best when it is prepared hygienically and consumed when it is fresh. The stale juice could lead to food poisoning in pregnant women.

‣ If you are unsure about whether you are having diabetes or there are chances of having gestational diabetes, it is best to seek your doctor’s advice. If the mom to be is a victim of diabetes, regular consumption of sugarcane juice is not good for the mom-to-be health.

‣ Moderation is always the mantra. Never drink sugarcane juice is excess as it could cause adverse effects.

At last but not the least, although the sugarcane juice is packed with nutrients, vitamins and all the necessary minerals, and the health benefits of sugarcane juice during pregnancy is abundant, it is best to ensure the amount of sugarcane juice you consume is within the limits. And just like any other foods, if you are unsure about sugarcane juice benefits, consult your doctor.

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