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Stuttering In Toddlers: Causes And Tips


Stuttering among children is a common phenomena and there isn't much to worry about. In fact, this is a passing  phase for most children. For some it can be present for longer spans. 

Stuttering is a speech problem that causes your child to stammer while talking. As a parent, it is normal for you to worry about this phenomena. Do not fret! We have a few things you can try at home to help your child overcome the stutter.

First, it is important for you to understand the causes of a stutter because it varies from person to person. Once you have narrowed down on a cause it is easier to work on the ways to reduce it. These could be a few possible causes:

1. Trauma

You must take into consideration the possibility of a recent trauma. This could have had a greater impact on your child than you can comprehend. Try and work on overcoming this trauma in the most gentle way. Consult with your doctor in order to get the right assistance. Since you might not understand the intensity of the situation at hand, it is best to handle things with utmost care.

2. Genes

Stuttering can also be passed down genetically. In the off chance that one of your family members has a similar speech problem, your child has inherited those genes. If you have caught this at its starting stages - the chances of you getting rid of it or improving it are higher. Even then, you will need to be extremely patient.

3. Neurophysiological

In some cases, your child’s brain isn't able to completely process the message sent. This causes delays in the speech. In such a case, your child might be slower than usual. At the same time, with sufficient amount of attention, they can easily get over it.

These are a few tips to help you work with your child in overcoming the stutter:

1. Discourage discouraging!

Your child is most comfortable at home. So, make sure that the environment is supportive. Encourage a positive environment in order to help your child grow. The moment they sense discouragement and negativity, this amplifies the obstructive speech.

2. Public speaking

Since your child is already uncomfortable with their condition, do not aggravate it by forcing them to speak in public. Work on your child's speech at home before they gain the confidence to speak in public. You do not want to add on to the stutter with another problem like public speaking.

3. Conversations

Converse with your child, encouraging them to talk about their day. Try to avoid showing any signs of impatience or disinterest. Do not complete their sentences and let them get there on their own. Listen attentively and do not ask them to stop or take a deep breath. This because that by itself is a discouragement.

All of the above tips are home solutions. In case you do not see signs of improvement, you must take your child to a speech pathologist. This might work wonders for your child. Ensure that you do not show signs of disappointment or regret towards your child because this can hamper the growth of your child! 

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