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Study Reveals: Running Is Very Beneficial for Health


When it comes to health one may tend to go overboard with fad diets or extreme exercise/workouts. Instead, we should try to consult doctors to use simple methods to maintain our good health. A recent study has revealed that simple things like running can ensure a healthy lifestyle for you. Read on to know how!

Fit and easy is the best medicine

It has been scientifically proven that keeping fit through simple exercises like running keeps you very healthy. In fact, it is the ultimate natural remedy when compared to the various side-effects of medication.

Study has revealed proof

In an India Today article on 6th June Global World Running Day, the benefits of physical activities like running have been revealed from studies.

- Physical activity like jogging or running keeps the heart healthy and the body fit. This is because there is a healthy amount of oxygen reaching your body due to the activity

- You get more mental and spiritual satisfaction which increases your longevity or the tendency to live longer. In fact, fast walking and running is best for middle aged women. It is the one-stop solution to psychological well-being because there is a hormonal balance created.

Along with standard lifestyle diseases, physical exercise can prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and even a few types of cancer.

Ready, set go!

The article also provides you with tips and tricks to ensure that you exercise in the right way. 30 minutes five days in a week is the ideal time that you should be active. Even then, you should ensure that you always consult the doctor whenever in doubt.

One thing to stay careful about is when to exercise during pregnancy. After your doctor gives you the green light and you feel your body can exercise - only then is exercise most effective for you. This is especially true for even any woman who has not been in the habit of exercise. So, consultation and listening to yourself as well as your body should be your priority!

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If it’s the right time don’t wait, tie up your shoes and get out your workout gear! 

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