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Study Reveals: Drinking Green Tea Can Prevent Heart Attacks!


Staying healthy is both important and difficult. This is because the right information or advice is very hard to come by. Tea has been continuously seen as a danger to your health because of its caffeine content. Yet, green tea has several benefits of it’s own. Read on to find out how a study proves that green tea can prevent heart attacks!

Liquid wisdom

Green tea has been a health resource since the ancient times. Not only does it have powerful health benefits, but it also has calming features. Having a cup of green tea in the evening or morning is the ultimate stress buster where your lifestyle is not jeopardized.

In addition, many say that green tea cleanses your system and helps you concentrate as well as focus. In fact, green tea has become even more popular than drinking normal tea or coffee.

More people prefer to communicate or talk over a cup of green tea now. This is mostly because concentration and focus help you come up with intellectual thoughts or new ideas that you may want to come up with.

Facts and proof

In an India TV article, green tea has another health benefit added to it’s bundle of lifestyle strengths. Green tea has been famous for increasing and strengthening immunity as well as dealing with alzheimer's disease. Many individuals have seen an effective weight loss result by drinking green tea. A recent study has revealed that green tea has another health benefit. Green tea has a compound that can prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Heart attack or strokes are caused by a condition called atherosclerosis i.e. when the artery walls are narrowed because there is a lot of fat in the body. The compound present in green tea makes breaking down and binding of proteins with fibres not only easier but soluble. This, in turn, avoids the fat clogging in your artery walls.

The India TV article says that doctors have started to use this study to try altering medication in their chemical elements using green tea. An alteration like this will help tackling heart-related diseases much easier.  

If you stay informed the right way and the right time, good health and lifestyle are not too far away. So, maybe it is time to restock on your green tea? 

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