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Stroller Of The Year 2017 - Tinystep Pick

Becoming a mom is a joyful experience but with your bundle of joy on board, your daily errands are bound to be a little more stressful. As a new mom, you are more than overwhelmed and a baby stroller is a boon for making life easier for both, you and your baby.

A stroller is a baby essential that you’d need to keep your baby safe and comfortable when you go for an evening walk, a short trip to the supermarket or a family vacation. It is needed right from the start for your little one to be able to nap or just sit and enjoy the surroundings without being much of a hassle for you.

But choosing a stroller well-suited for your needs can be a daunting task. When you walk into a store in hopes of buying a stroller, you’re probably bombarded with many different ones and you’ll walk out even more confused.

But don’t worry, we did all the hard work for you and found THE best stroller for you to invest in.

LuvLap Galaxy stroller is an ergonomically designed stroller to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort which is only next to the warmth of a mother’s lap. A few features that pushed this stroller to the top of our list are: 

1. Seat Recline

The first thing you must look for in a stroller is your baby’s comfort. Adjustable seat recline positions will allow the baby to sit up, rest and even have a nap as you go about the day. Galaxy stroller is equipped with an 3 position adjustable seat recline which is also super easy to use.

2. Safety

Now that you’re sure the baby is comfortable, you also need to make sure she’s safe when on the stroll and that’s where the safety harness comes in place. The 5-point Safety Harness system which is present in the LuvLap Galaxy stroller is the standard you should aim for. Your baby is secured around the shoulders, waist and in between the legs to make sure that they don’t slide off or try and claw their way out of the stroller. Galaxy stroller is also certified as per European Standards EN 1888, making it extremely safe for your little one.

Another safety feature that comes with this stroller is the foot activated Front and Rear Wheel Brakes which is a must for Indian roads. You won’t have any problem walking around that bumpy road or the downhill street with this stroller!

3. Reversible Handlebar - Mommy - Baby bond

When you’re walking around with your baby in the stroller, you might get paranoid and keep checking up on how your baby is doing. A better alternative to this is to buy a stroller with Reversible Handlebar which allows you to look at your baby’s face. So, if your baby’s been crying or, all you have to do is look at her face and let her know that her mommy is right there. The Galaxy stroller comes with this feature and also a Looking Window in the canopy for you to keep an eye out, this is sure to provide some quality bonding time.

4. Protection from the Environment

Every mom wants to keep her baby safe from the harsh sunlight, mosquito bites and the dust from winds. The LuvLap Stroller has Extended Double Layered Canopy which will protect your child from all of these environmental factors and more.

5. For You

Since you are the person who is doing the hard work of pushing your baby around, it’s good to have a few features that’ll make your work easier too. These include Adjustable Foot Rest, a roomy Shopping Basket and a Back Pocket that can hold things. This will allow your hands to do just the job of moving the stroller. Another added bonus is a Detachable Food Tray to hold baby bottle or teether, while on the go.

It is also very easy to maneuver as the Front Wheels have 360-degree Swivel which can be locked for straight path strolls. The One Hand Folding System allows you to fold and store the stroller very conveniently by using just one hand.

By now we’re sure that you agree with our decision of making LuvLap Galaxy stroller the stroller of the year. Parents all over the country are raving about it and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way once you get one of your own. It costs just Rs. 6699/- but you can get a great discount on it if you hurry. So, why wait, mommies? Click here and bring home an amazing stroller for your little one to enjoy. 

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