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Save Your Baby's Life: Quit Smoking Today!

Say NO to smoking tinystep childmode

Only an uneducated person would put their unborn child in danger by smoking while pregnant. Right? Contrary to popular belief that you have to be uneducated to put your developing fetus in danger you are gravely wrong.

Women that smoke during pregnancy come from a range of ethnicities, ages, and guessed educational backgrounds. If you don't believe me, we have the statistical facts to back up the things we are saying in this article.

Brace yourself because what we are about to tell you can be truly overwhelming for some. According to the research we conducted, the highest number of women that smoke ethnically are 19.7% Native American.

Say NO to smoking tinystep childmode

That isn't the only ethnicity that has jaw-dropping numbers. White women account for 10.5%, 6.0% are African American women, 4.5% are native Hawaiin women, and with the lowest numbers on the chart are Asian women at 0.6%. It can be alarming to break down those percentages and consider what the percentage is at a per person ratio.

What's worse is that approximately 12.2% of women with a high school education smoke during pregnancy, while women that have obtained a master's degree or higher only accounted for 0.4% of mothers that smoked during pregnancy. So in some sense your assumption about educated women, not smoke was right and also partially wrong.

Regardless of educational background, it doesn't take rocket science to understand that smoking can be harmful to a developing fetus. But, what knowledge does shine a light on is just how dangerous smoking before, during, and after pregnancy can truly be.

What's so bad that you can't enjoy a cigarette during pregnancy you may ask. Well, there's a plethora of things that could go wrong like a low birth weight.

Babies are born before they are truly ready to be out of the womb at nine months. This is because if they grew to a scientific measurement of ”ready”, their heads would be too large to fit through the birth canal. So technically, when they are born, they aren't ready for the world.

That doesn't mean you want to do the reverse and intentionally give birth to a baby that has a low birth weight! 25% of births that occur where a child at a low birth weight is due to their mothers smoking.

Say NO to smoking tinystep childmode

Do you enjoy staying in hospitals for long periods of time? No, we'll see how is this food for thought mothers that smoke during and after their pregnancy put their fetus at risk of being born prematurely with a staggering percentage of 29.6%. It could be weeks, even months before you are able to take your precious little one home and it can be even longer before your able to cuddle them gently in your arms.

The effects of smoking during pregnancy doesn't just affect your developing baby it affects you too and can cause unnecessary issues that no mother wants to deal with. It can cause hypertension which is high blood pressure.

When a Women's blood pressure stays in a higher range than normal it can be putting unnecessary stress on the fetus as well as putting you both in danger. If it stays high for too long of time your doctor will be forced to perform an emergency c-section to protect the health of you and your child.

That's truly scary if you ask me not knowing whether or not your child will be okay due to the choice you made to continue to smoke during pregnancy. One statistic that I think all mothers who are struggling with the decision to quit smoking while pregnant should know is if you choose to continue you could be contributing to the 47% and 10% of stillbirths and children that suffer from sudden infant death syndrome.

This all due to choices made by you as the mother and while we understand kicking a habit may be difficult to do this is one habit that your child needs you to kick once. It's for their future health and development that this is so important.

By continuing to smoke you may cause behavioural, physical, and emotional stunting when it comes to your child growing and developing the way that they should. And unfortunately, this is not something a specialist can help to fix.

This is something your child would be stuck dealing with for the rest of their lives because of a choice that you made. We at Childmode believe it is our duty and job to educate and provide the knowledge that you need to make better decisions.

Say NO to smoking tinystep childmode

This is why we have taken to campaigning for the stop of smoking before, during, and after pregnancy. We aren't here to shame you but to merely shed light on the statistics and facts that could cause you to feel guilt and shame over your decisions for the rest of your life.

We want you and your child to be able to make memories together. Memories that don't involve being in and out of the hospital due to smoking-related issues. We want your child to be able to breath fresh and inviting air that isn't clogged with smoke clouds and pollution.

Their childhood starts with you so it is up to you whether you want the environment you raise them to be warm and inviting or toxic and miserable. To break the habit seek out help from family, friends, and other loved ones, as well as seeking help from medical professionals such as your physician and a therapist.

Explain to them what your goal is so that they are able to help you formulate a plan of action to quit and stay away from cigarettes for good. As well as allowing your family and friends to be your support system.

You will need them when your in a time where it may be difficult to resist reaching for a cigarette, but a word of encouragement may be all you need to not smoke that cigarette after all. Make the change and save your child's life today, it's important and so are you!

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