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Stop Asking Your Kids To Brush And Use These Fun Tricks Instead!

As a parent, you’ve probably already got used to hearing that brushing, flossing, mouth-rinsing and other oral care habits are crucial habits to develop in your kids, starting at an early age. But if your kids are throwing a fuss every time you try to do this, the task is easier said than done. Most parents think that asking their kids to brush is the step they need to take, but the real step is making brushing a fun experience so that it becomes a fuss-free part of every day. Here’s how you can do so:

Instead Of: Brushing Your Child’s Teeth
Do This: Allow Them To Brush On Their Own

You may pick up the brush and start brushing your child's teeth. While this helps ensure proper technique, your little one is definitely going to resist it. Kids love independence and doing things themselves.Colgate Kids Toothpaste comes in a variety of cartoon-themed packs like Barbie and Motu Patlu, so let your little one decide which cartoon character they would like to brush with for the day!

Let your child choose a toothbrush of their favourite colour, and enjoy the experience of brushing on their own. After they have tried it out for themselves, gently repeat the same by brushing their teeth for them to finish the job.

Instead Of: Using Strong Minty Toothpaste
Do This: Choose Kid-Friendly Toothpaste

Although you are used to the freshness of your minty toothpaste, kids have 3 times as many taste buds as adults do, which can only make mint toothpaste taste harsh and spicy. Fortunately, toothpaste these days come in fruity flavours like the Strawberry and Bubble fruit flavours of Colgate Kids Toothpaste, as well as cartoon-themed colourful packs, so that your little one looks forward to brushing everyday! And it’s also effective as it contains an appropriate amount of fluoride, a mineral that strengthens teeth, and reduces your child’s chances of cavities, helping protect their smile!

Instead Of: Asking Your Toddler To Brush
Do This: Use Games and Story Time To Make It Fun

Asking kids to brush may be one way to make them brush, but it’s the least likely to give you results. Lots of moms find their mornings stressful because they’re running after their kids, asking them to brush in the midst of all the morning rush.

Spending a few minutes each day to instead make brushing fun for kids can make mornings much easier, and in the long run, save your child’s teeth from painful cavities. So whether you’re brushing with them, using songs or games, making brushing fun can help prevent several problems in the long run.

Instead Of: Brushing In A Hurry
Do This: Use The Colgate Kids 2-Minute Timer

Most moms are unsure of whether their kids’ teeth are being brushed properly. In order to follow the proper technique, you need to spend more time on brushing, which can be chaotic when you’re running after a toddler to do so. Fortunately, Colgate Kids Toothpaste comes with a fun 2-minute sand timer which uses colourful sand as a distraction for your little one, while helping you ensure a full 2 minutes of brushing. You can even use the timer to “challenge” your kids to brush until the time is up!

These are some ways that you can make brushing a fun activity by going beyond the stressful routine of running after your toddler with a toothbrush. It may seem like a considerable effort, but trust us, it will be worth it when you see that you have succeeded in keeping that adorable smile safe!

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