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Stock Up On These Baby Care Essentials

Your baby's delicate skin needs nourishment and care, especially in the monsoon season. To cope with the change of season, it is best to make your baby’s skincare season-friendly. During the monsoon season, the damp weather can increase the risk of rashes and infections. That’s why it’s most important to keep your baby’s skin moisturised and care for it well.

Here’s a quick guide to all the things to take care of to keep your baby’s skin healthy in the monsoon:

1. Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Soft

For your baby’s delicate skin, it is important to choose products which are safe, and will not irritate the skin. Choose products with the goodness of herbs, which not only keep your baby’s skin safe but also give the skin nourishment and care. You can opt for a moisturising lotion like the Himalaya Baby Lotion to keep your baby’s skin soft supple, and safe from infections. Their mild and gentle formulation is also free from parabens, mineral oils and synthetic colours, making it great for newborns too.

2. Making Bath Time Memorable

Your baby’s thin skin may become dry if you use the wrong soap. Opt for Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap to gently cleanse your baby's skin, and keep it soft and moisturised. The goodness of Olive Oil and Almond Oil makes this soap ideal for daily use, especially in monsoon. The best part? This soap is free from parabens, SLS and synthetic colours which could otherwise irritate your baby's delicate skin. If you prefer a wash rather than soap bar, opt for the Gentle Baby Bath, a mild and gentle soap-free formula, with Chickpea and Green Gram, to gently cleanse your baby’s skin.

3. Keeping Diaper Rash Away

The damp weather of monsoon along with the dampness of the diaper can lead to diaper rash. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your baby’s skin clean between diaper changes. But using soap repeatedly can dry out the skin, so try the Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes. These alcohol-free wipes are enriched with the goodness of Indian Aloe and Lotus, so they are mild and soothing on your baby’s bottoms during diaper-change. Manage those diaper rashes with soothing ingredients like Yashada Bhasma and Aloe Vera of Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream. It protects skin from infections and soothes irritation caused by diaper rashes, keeping your baby’s bottoms rash-free and soft.

4. The Do's and Don'ts of Monsoon Skin Care

Apart from making all the right choices for baby’s skincare, some of these guidelines may help keep your baby’s skin safe this monsoon:

• Give your baby some diaper-free time every day to allow their skin to breathe. Change diapers frequently.

• Wash their hair once a week to keep their scalp clean and healthy. You can use the Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo to keep baby’s hair healthy and shiny during monsoon.

• Keep your baby’s skin clean and dry, and avoid using harsh soap or greasy lotions, as these can irritate the skin further.

This monsoon, pamper your baby’s delicate skin with the gentle goodness of herbs and natural ingredients found in Himalaya BabyCare products. Made specifically for baby’s skin, these products will help keep your baby's skin nourished, soft and rash-free, all-year-round, especially during monsoon. After all, the key to a happy baby is soft, irritation-free skin!

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