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Steal These Pro Tips For Strong Beautiful Hair

Long, shiny and beautiful hair has always been on the wishlist of every woman. If your tresses are thick and long every hairstyle will suit you and you’ll be the ball of the eye of every party and get together. This is why every girl relies on tons of parlour treatments and chemical products for beautiful and strong locks. But are you on the right track? Do you know that these expensive parlour treatments are wreaking havoc on your hair? The continuous session of blow drying, styling, colouring can leave your hair damaged and lusterless. If you have been ever fantasized by the lustrous, shiny healthy hair of your favorite actresses and models then here are the pro hair care tips to maintain soft, shiny and strong hair.

Turn down the heat

We are often so obsessed with the models and celebrities that we start living their much-fantasized life. Whether be it the perfectly blow-dried hair of Angelina Jolie or beautiful locks of Vidya Balan we fall prey to the superficial allure of their hair. But do you know that these celebs colour treat their hair every month and many of them have started using hair extensions to avoid damage from rigorous styling and blow drying? If you really want to have healthy and shiny hair then scale back on the temptation of blow drying every other day. It’s better to avoid such temptations that can permanently ruin the beauty of your hair in the long run.

Lube up

Olive oil not only adds a ton of health benefit to your veggies and pasta but it can also be a miraculous treatment for your scalp having moisturizing and hydrating properties. Just dab your finger into the oil and massage it gently into your scalp and strands. When you leave your hair dry every day, you’ll encounter the problem of breakage and split ends. So sleep after oiling your hair at night and rinse, wash and condition in the morning.

The frequency of hair wash

Are you onto the practice of washing your hair every other day? It’s time to step back and tone down your hair wash frequency. Excessive hair wash often strips away the natural moisture of your hair making your hair look dull and unhealthy. It can also lead to the problem of itchy dandruff because of the over-drying effect of your shampoo and conditioner. It’s best to stick to twice-a-week hair wash routine and if you’re unable to restrict the temptation then cut it to every alternate day. Also, try to switch up your shampoo and conditioner so that your hair doesn’t become resistant to a particular ingredient.

Lay off the hair elastics

Hair elastics are the lifesavers when your hair doesn’t look put together. But when it comes to wearing elastics too often it can cause breakage and your hair can get caught in these hair elastics making it difficult to take them out. If you really want to sweep strands off your face or keep them in place then you can always use headbands or bobby pins. Try to let your hair rest in peace for some time so that they can really grow on their own.

Mask it

A healthy haircare regimen is incomplete without a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. When your hair gets dry and dehydrated because of pollution, styling and daily wear and tear then these hair masks can act as a genie for your hair. A coat of it in your hair and be ready to have silky, dazzling hair the moment you remove it. Whip one up yourself this weekend and let your hair shine like never before.

We all love our hair when it’s long and lustrous. Follow these pro tips and be ready to be the glam diva this winter. When your hair is shiny and strong the world looks glittering, bright and yum!

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