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Staying Sane With Toddlers In The House

It is completely normal to be driven crazy by the toddler in your house. It is an absolute test of patience and often you lose your sanity. But you really have to stay calm with them around. Watching your toddler get indulged in their own world of fantasy makes you laugh if it does not make you laugh you are crying. It is hard not to be fascinated by a toddler lost in its own world of fantasies. This fascination comes at a cost. If the initial fascination comes to an end you are not to be blamed you have just grown up. Here are a few tips to make your motherhood fun : 

Unleash the inner child in you

A mother is always a child’s first friend also the best friend. Imagine a world from the toddler’s perspective. It is hard but just give it a try. This also ensures that you don’t kill your child’s imagination and also it is the best way to establish a close relationship with your offspring. Your kid will also find it easier to share his problems with you and won’t feel isolated. This eliminates possibilities of having any lack of understanding between a mother and a child. This lays a strong foundation for a good mother-child relationship.

Lower your expectations

A toddler needs to be a toddler. He is meant to be the mischievous himself and it is completely normal. Your expectations of cleanliness need to be lowered and you will find yourself embarrassed in front of a crowd quite frequently. The people around you will understand this coming from a toddler but most importantly you need to understand the behavioural pattern of your toddler. So next time your toddler shouts the word “poop” in front of your friends don’t be embarrassed!

It’s alright to go hard on them

Yes, it is alright to go hard on your toddler. But do it occasionally and only when it is necessary. Just to ensure that you have instilled enough fear in their mind. But make sure you bridge the gap between you and your toddler after a thorough session of scolding. When you lose your mind make sure you stay focused on teaching them how they went wrong. But make sure that you are not a strict parent who denies them of their basic rights.

Yes, motherhood demands immense responsibility and one needs to be patient all the time. You need to understand that your toddler driving you crazy is a part of motherhood that you need to deal with it in a positive way. It is every toddler’s birthright to be lost in their own world and we should ensure that they have it. Their imagination needs to be nurtured from a very early stage and they have to be encouraged to find their own ways of getting around things. So mothers, step up your game and enjoy motherhood. 


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