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Staying Motivated On Cold Winter Days

Getting things done on a cold winter day is something that even the best of us fail at and when we fail to do something, we feel less motivated to continue doing things. We still have to get work done however because the world doesn’t stop running during winters. So how do we stay motivated during those cold frosty mornings? Not just to exercise or get out of the house, but to even make it out of the bed?

Here’s how!

1. Prepare for the mornings

The best way to ensure you wake up in the morning is to be prepared. If you feel that your feet are always cold in the morning, keep a pair of socks on your bedside so you can wear them when you are awake. You could even sleep wearing the socks if you are comfortable with that. If you need to grab some tea in the morning, keep a kettle of water and some tea bags ready.

2. Get moving!

One way to ensure you stay motivated on winter mornings is to exercise. Ok, so exercise is the last thing you want to do because you need the motivation to do that as well. Don’t call it exercise - call it a fun start to your mornings. Any kind of movement counts as exercise so just keep moving. You could maybe open a new YouTube dance workout video, 10-minute exercise videos or a beginner yoga video. Switch it up every day so that you don’t get bored.

3. Wear bright clothes

No matter what you are doing, make sure to wear brightly coloured clothes. This can instantly help you feel more energetic. You should especially wear bright clothes when you are exercising. The red colour is symbolic to love and, energy. So apart from wearing red, you could also include some red in your house - a vase of red roses, red decorative items or red paint on the walls.

4. Hot soups and teas

There is nothing more comforting than sipping on some hot soup on a cold winter day. The best part is that preparing the soup makes us feel happy too - the aroma of the boiling vegetable and the steam that keeps you warm. So prepare soup to keep sipping on through the day. It will help you stay warm and full as well. Apart from soup, you could even drink tea during the day. Just make sure it is sugar and milk-free to make it more energising. 

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