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Stay Away From These Things During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a beautiful fun-filled joy ride. Expectant mother are extra cautious during this time because they don’t want anything coming in their way of giving birth to a lovely, healthy baby. For this, there are certain things that can help and others that don’t. The below few things are ones that not only fall into the latter category but they also harmful to pregnant mommies. Here’s why:

1. Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial soaps and disinfectants contain a chemical compound called triclosan. This is what gives the products the ability to kill germs but this chemical is extremely dangerous. Exposure to triclosan during pregnancy is known to disrupt the thyroid functioning in developing babies. It has so many negative health effects that this compound is even banned in a few states across the world.

2. Hair straightening

A haircut or getting your eyebrows threaded is totally fine but there are certain beauty services you should avoid during pregnancy. These include straightening of your hair, skin and hair bleach, hair colouring, perm and so on that release several nasty chemicals. You can notice these chemicals just from the smell you are subjected to during these treatments.

3. Deodorants

Most of the antiperspirant deodorants have aluminum as the core ingredient unless mentioned otherwise. Aluminium is also used right from food packaging, personal care products to cooking utensils. Studies show that excessive exposure to aluminium could result in behavioral , cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders that could affect your unborn baby.

4. BPA plastic

Apart from plastic containers, Bisphenol A a.k.a BPA is also found in cans, receipts from ATM, supermarkets, etc. Exposure to this compound increases the chances of cancer, obesity and diabetes. BPA traces in an expectant mother’s blood is linked to low birth weight and defects in the baby’s brain. Always look for containers with BPA-free label attached to them and avoid canned food as much as possible.

5. Preservatives

Phthalate is used as a preservative to increase the longevity of different things like personal care products, detergents, packaged foods, toys, paints, cosmetics and much more. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and the pregnant women are amongst the ones who are most affected because of this chemical. Research shows that phthalate could also potentially cause cancer.

To make sure you stay safe during pregnancy, it’s better to switch your everyday household products with natural alternatives. To help you with this process, tinystep is launching it’s very own all-natural floor cleaner that is free of harmful chemicals and is completely safe to be used during and after your pregnancy. It is made out of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. It works wonders in keeping your floors germ-free and shining without using any chemical compounds like artificial fragrances, colours and chemical additives. For all the Bengaluru moms who wish to buy our floor cleaner, click here to avail the special pre-launch offer. We would also love to have you onboard as a mom seller, click here if you’re interested. 

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