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Spinach During Pregnancy: Is It Good For The Baby?

Spinach During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when you should be exceptionally conscious of the food you eat. Eating right assists your body by providing the required energy to maintain your health and essential nutrients to aid in the growth and development of your baby. Are you too looking for pregnancy foods that don’t burn a hole in your pocket? Then spinach is your go-to. The spinach nutrition and the greater health benefits of spinach provide you with the perks which could help you in being healthy and active. Eating spinach during pregnancy could help in combating folic acid deficiency, prevent premature birth and lower the risk of miscarriage. To know the details of how Spinach nutrition could favour your baby and you, read on.

Table of Content:

‣ Spinach

‣ Spinach nutrition facts

‣ Is spinach a pregnancy food?

‣ Health benefits of Spinach


Spinach During Pregnancy

Spinach (scientifically known as Spinacia oleracea) is an edible flowering plant which belongs to the family of Amaranthaceae. The green leaves of Spinach are eaten as a leafy vegetable. Being known with the names of Palak in Kannada, Punjabi and Gujarati, Paalak or Poi in Hindi, Keerai or Pasalai Keerai in Tamil, Sag/ Velbondi in Marathi and Palanga Saga in Oriya, it is known for its super ability to nourish the pregnancy body and being one of the best pregnancy superfoods. The spinach nutrition helps in eye health, reduce the oxidative stress and control the blood pressure levels.

Spinach was originated in Persia and mostly produced in US and China.

Spinach can be bought either in the form of canned or fresh. And it could be consumed either in the raw form or cooked.

Spinach nutrition facts:

Spinach Nutrition

The green leafy vegetable is a superfood that is overloaded with nutrients but low in calories. The spinach nutrition facts are as follows:

Each serving of Spinach (approx. 100 g) contains:

‣ Calories: 23 kcal

‣ Proteins: 2.3 g

‣ Carbs: 4 g

‣ Fat: 0 g

‣ Iron: 3 g

‣ Folic Acid: 194 mcg

‣ Calcium: 99 mg

Along with the aforesaid nutrients, spinach is also loaded with vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, vitamin C and Vitamin K. It also contains fibre, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and thiamine. Most of the calories your body gain by consuming spinach is due to the proteins and carbohydrates.

Spinach Nutrition


The lack of iron in the body could be fatal for your body. It could affect the efficiency of your body to use energy. The health benefits of Spinach could assist you in combating this. Spinach is a great source of iron. Coupling it with vitamin-c rich food could help in improving the absorption of iron from spinach.


Although the calcium amount is approximately 250 mg per cup of Spinach, its absorption in the body is less due to the oxalate content in spinach which binds the calcium. This makes it difficult for your body to absorb entire calcium from the spinach.


Magnesium, being one of the minerals which play important roles in most of the biochemical reactions that occur in your body, is necessary for energy metabolism, maintaining the muscle and nerve functioning and maintaining blood pressure. Palak benefits are various due to spinach nutrition which consists of a high amount of dietary magnesium.

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Is Spinach a pregnancy food?

Palak Paneer

During pregnancy, it is obvious that all the moms-to-be make a list of the foods to eat during pregnancy and the foods to avoid during pregnancy. But “Is Spinach a good food for pregnant women? Is health benefits of Spinach worth trying?” is the question most of the women ponder about during pregnancy. Let’s find out.

There are various health benefits of Spinach. But what makes it different? Its ability to provide abundant folic acid or folate to the human body during pregnancy. Babies are prone to have birth defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate or spina bifida if the mother’s body is suffering from the folic acid deficiency. And in such cases, palak benefits the mother by providing the necessary folate and by keeping the mother and the baby healthy and safe. Hence, Spinach holds all the goodness to be a part of the diet for pregnant women.

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Health benefits of Spinach:

health benefits of spinach

Health benefits of Spinach are various due to the spinach nutrition value. Here are a few of the best palak benefits to convince you why spinach is one of the amazing foods to eat during pregnancy.

1. Supply of folic acid: As already mentioned, the important health benefits of spinach is its ability to provide the folic acid which could aid the growth and development of the baby in the womb. This pregnancy food has the ability to prevent miscarriages and also contribute to the cognitive development of your baby. The iron content in the spinach increases red blood cell count in the body and thereby avoids anaemia.

2. Bones and Teeth: During pregnancy, your body will be having high requirement of the calcium due to the growing baby inside your womb and it is most certainly one of the foods that could be added in the diet for pregnant women. Per ever serving of 100 g of Spinach, you get approximately 99 mg of Calcium. The Calcium also plays a major role in preventing the blood clots in arteries and also improves nerve functioning.

3. Regulated the blood pressure levels: Blood pressure is one of the important aspects of pregnancy. If the blood pressure is too high, it might cause the death of the mother or baby or both. In such cases, Spinach is definitely a pregnancy food you should opt for. The nitrates in Spinach play a major role in regulating the blood pressure. The potassium content in the spinach can lower the blood pressure while the sodium raises it.

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health benefits of spinach

4. Lowers the risk of premature birth: Insufficient amount of folic acid in your body during pregnancy could increase the chance of miscarriage. Often, it could also cause premature labour and birth. Providing excellent health benefits of Spinach, it could lower the risk of premature birth or miscarriage.

5. Aids lung development: The beta-carotene content in the Spinach converts into Vitamin A. And this vitamin promoted the proper development of your unborn baby’s lungs. It also boosts the metabolism and helps your baby to gain adequate weight. The palak benefits also include its ability to improve the metabolism of the mother.

6. Prevents Anemia: Women suffer from various conditions during pregnancy. And one of such health conditions is anaemia. Since your body needs a high amount of iron to assist in the growth and development of your baby, there are high chances that you would be suffering from anaemia if you have not utilized the benefits of spinach yet. The spinach nutrition includes a high amount of iron and folic acid and these could prevent and treat anaemia.

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health benefits of spinach

7. Prevent Hemorrhoids and Constipation: Constipation and haemorrhoids are as common as they could be during pregnancy. And these pregnancy fallouts could take care of by consuming palak. The fibre content in spinach plays the role in easing the bowel movements and provide the constipation relief.

8. Pain reliever: Due to continuously growing baby in your womb, the increase in your weight and size and the fluctuating hormones could make you suffer from the whole body aches and pains during pregnancy, In such cases, the health benefits of Spinach could come to your rescue. It contains glycolipid, an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps in the providing the relief from these pains to a certain degree.

9. Keeps immune system health: The immunity system will be compromised during pregnancy. The vitamin C in the Spinach acts as an antioxidant and this helps in keeping the immune system strong and healthy.

10. Assists in repairing: The protein content in the spinach is required in repairing the cells, which is utmost important during pregnancy and after childbirth. It also aids in producing amino acids in the body and for maintaining good skin, muscle and bone health.

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There are numerous pregnancy foods. But spinach comes in one of the top ranks due to the health benefits of spinach. The spinach nutrition is perfectly tailored for the pregnant women body. And it is a definite add-on to the diet for pregnant women. 

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