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Some Unusual Signs That Tell You Are Pregnant

Are you pregnant or do you feel pregnant? Usually, a missed period and a nauseated feeling can speak a lot about your health. Usually, these signs indicate pregnancy, but the confirmation of pregnancy is not dependent on these things. 

There are many other things and signs that will tell you about your pregnancy. At the moment, if you are pregnant, your body starts preparing itself for inculcating changes and a variety of hormones begin to flourish. After a week of conceiving, you start feeling pregnant. From a headache to tasting the food, your body will adopt everything differently.

Below we have mentioned some common signs that you can know about your pregnancy:

1. Constant cold cough

At the time of pregnancy, it is common for small things to be alleviated. If you are persistent with cold and cough, even after eating the medicine, then it may be that you are conceiving and we advise you to go to the doctor immediately as there might be a good news waiting for you.

Your hormone and blood volume increase due to pregnancy and its side effect is the bloating and drying of your mucous membrane when your nasal passage keeps dry, then it is an indication for your body that it requires moisture and this is why more Mucus is produced.

2. Excessive sweating

When you are pregnant, your body has to undergo many changes and difficulties, in order to give birth to a healthy child. To let this happen, your body has to make a lot of blood and this is why your metabolism increases and this means you will feel more hungry and perspiration will increase too.

It may happen to you that you wake up and find yourself wet because of the sweat. If it is so, then wear a thin clothing and drink as much water as you can.

3. Peeing too often

You may think that going to bathroom every hour can be a normal thing, but take a look at this, due to the formation of new hormones in your body and excessive bleeding, you may need to go to the bathroom every two hours.

We know this may be a little disturbing thing but drink water as much as you can. Do not stop drinking water, because your body needs a lot of water during this time. 


4. Burning sensation

At the time of pregnancy, your digestive system starts working wisely, food stays in your stomach for a longer time, and that is why you may feel irritation in the chest.

Your stomach acid can give you a burning sensation by reaching your food pipe. Eat some or every few hours every two hours, drink more water, it will get relief in the burning of your chest.

5. Back Pain

Back pain is not only for women who conceive, but some women have back pain for 9 months of their pregnancy. If you feel the pain in the lower part of your back, then it can be the first sign of pregnancy.

Practical exercise or yoga can help reduce your pain. If the pain is more then contact the doctor immediately.

We hope that now you will not have trouble finding out about your pregnancy, and also share the blog with other women so that they can know about these things too!

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