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Some Questions And Answers About The Baby’s Movement In The Mother's Womb

Your second trimester is quite a fun phase as that’s exactly when you’ll be able to interact with your baby even when they’re still inside your womb. Many mommies have experienced their baby’s kicks and other kinds of movements in their womb. The best part is that, if the baby is in the mood to reciprocate your touch, they will do it by kicking or moving about inside you. Marvellous, isn’t it?

But not many mommies experience their baby’s movement in their womb. Naturally, every mother will become concerned about their baby’s well being in utero! If you’ve been concerned about the same thing here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions:

1. Why is my baby is moving lesser than expected?

Calm down mommy, it is probably just that you might not have realized your baby’s movements. To capture their attention and alert them, try drinking cold water or something warm and lie down on a soft surface.

Most probably, you’ll feel the baby’s movements in the form of kicks and shifting position. However, if you still feel nothing, consult the doctor immediately. 

2. How many times do you experience baby movement?

There can be no fixed number or amount of child movement. It depends entirely on when your due date is and how long she is sleeping. At the time when your baby wakes up, you will feel the baby’s movement, for sure. But for some reason, if you do not feel the movement, then talk to the doctor as soon as possible.

3.What does your baby do in the womb all day?

If you have to see the activities of your child, you can visit the doctor and see the baby with the help of an ultrasound. During this test, even if your child is asleep, you can see their movements. Through this, the child can move slowly, by moving his hands and feet, rotate his head and touch his face with his hands, open his mouth and see.

To interact more, you can use a flashlight and focus the light on your baby bump. The baby might not be able to see the light clearly but he will be able to see something bright even if there’s darkness in your womb.

But even if you do not feel the baby’s movement after doing all these things, then go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Only the doctor will be able to tell you if there’s a complication in your pregnancy.

Usually, in cases of no movement, the child heartbeat, amniotic fluid amount, baby growth, obesity, all will be examined. Keep an eye on the child's movement every moment. And if there’s no problem detected, then your baby must be a deep sleeper! You don’t have to worry at all.  

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