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Some Fun Activities That Can Help A Kid Adopt In A Group

Group activities are a great way for a kid to understand the group dynamics. It enhances a kids’ ability to perform together and achieve a common goal. Not only does it help the little one to develop the grey cells, but ensures that she/he becomes empathetic towards others. Group activities also help a kid develop decision-making skills very early in life. Studies have shown that group activities can help a kid to be more patient in life. Here is a list of some fun group activities.

Picture pieces

This is one of the best indoor games that can be played by a group. Picture pieces combine the fun of working together and drawing simultaneously. It teaches a kid about departmental working and achieves the desired result by working as a team. Typically, it requires six-eight members to play this game and takes about half an hour to complete one turn. Materials include cartoon strip, paper, and pencils.


This game is about recreation and memory. This can be tried both indoor and outdoor. It mainly stresses on the communication between the members of the team. It will greatly help a kid to be open to others perception. It requires only 3-4 folks for this activity. The best part of this exercise is that it can be quickly completed within 15 minutes. The facilitator should ensure that he creates a simple figure for the kids to understand so that they can memorize and replicate the same.


This game is best known to be an ice-breaker. It helps a kid to understand that each person is different and unique in their own way. It further helps a kid to form a group without discrimination, negativity and stereotyping. Typically, classification requires the involvement of more than 12-15 kids. It requires the kids to be divided into two groups. Time required to complete the activity is approximately 15 minutes.

Group juggling

While this might be a little difficult for younger kids, it still is a fun and enjoyable game for kids of all ages. It aids a kid in his motor coordination and better coordination among each other. It requires 8-12 kids to form 2 groups. Each group should juggle the ball in a specific order. The group that juggles for a longer time is declared as a winner. It requires no more than 10 minutes to complete this game.

Don’t wake the dragon

This is yet another fun group activity that requires a kid to solve an imaginary problem. Best played outdoors, the game requires a kid to think that they are part of a place that has been captured by a dragon who is sleeping. The kid must cross the village while ensuring that they arrange themselves in descending order of their heights without talking to each other. The time required to complete the game is roughly 15 minutes.


This is one of the best group activities that can help to develop the listening skill of a kid. It requires the facilitator to form two groups. While one kid from a group needs to speak blindly on a chosen topic without being interrupted, one kid from the other group is required to iterate exactly what has been spoken by the other. Best played indoors, with an ideal participation of 10-12 kids.  

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