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Soldier's Wife Delivers Baby Even After Being Shot By Terrorists

Life is like a thriller movie as it can take unexpected turns as there are a hundred plot twists and there’s nothing in your control. You must be aware of the terrorist attacks that have been happening in Sunjuwan military camp. The area is currently heavily infested with armed militants and terrorists. There is bloodshed everywhere, but this one amazing news about survival has faced all the odds and challenged death on its face!

35-weeks pregnant Shahzada Khan was walking in her residential premises when she was shot mercilessly by the terrorists. She was immediately taken to the hospital where the Army doctors worked for hours together to save the injured mom and her baby. They observed that the baby’s pulse rate was dropping gradually and they doctors gave in all they could.

According to a report by NDTV, "Shahzada Khan, 35 weeks pregnant, was airlifted by helicopter from the camp to the military hospital, where the Army said its doctors worked through the night to save her life and that of her child."

The newborn baby is currently being hailed as the ‘miracle baby’. After the doctor’s rigorous efforts through that one fateful night, Shahzada gave birth to a healthy young baby girl via C-section. Luckily, both the mother’s and the baby girl are safe and healing. 

Shahzada’s husband who is a member of the Indian Army was fighting against the terrorists and trying to keep them out of the premises, is also safe.

The family has had lady luck by their side and you know what they told death when it came for them?? NOT TODAY!!

Jai Hind! 

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