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Soha Ali Khan Decided To Ditch The Chemical-Laden Products During Her Pregnancy


Soha Ali Khan recently married her longtime beau and actor Kunal Kemmu in the month of January of 2015. Very soon, she welcomed their beautiful baby girl named Inaaya Naumi Kemmu in the month of September last year. Coming from a family of celebs, this couple has equally gone beyond expectations of amazing parenting.


Being an ultra fitness freak, Soha has certainly made sure to keep her healthy diet and regular yoga up top during her pregnancy period and even after that. This helped provide some of the major maternity fashion goals similar to what her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor wonderfully provided us with. 

During her pregnancy, Soha successflly celebrated yoga day too. This was similar to what most of the Bollywood celeb moms did - posting a photo collage of her practising some yoga asanas on Instagram. She captioned it: “Who says you can’t stay fit when pregnant?” Thus, to bring up her maternal success - Soha made sure she is healthy and fit throughout her maternity. 


“I am the one to confront and accept the reality, no matter how bitter it may be.” Soha is quoted talking about the little one she unconditionally cares for now. Soha beleives that fresh and healthful diet along with either godd routine yoga or exercise could help any of today's soon-to-be mommies to stay fit - staying in shape at the same time. 

To stay true to what she said, she completely removed all the chemicals and toxins which might be affecting her family's life. While sharing her pregnancy and post-pregnancy diet, Soha also added to IANS: “Ever since I became pregnant, I made a change to move from anything that has chemicals in it to things that were 100 percent natural.”


“The Perils of Being Moderately Famous” is book authored by Soha herself. She talks about what she got to know recently regarding a safe pregnancy or parenting. Chemical-laden products we mgiht be using during pregnancy or when the baby is around could damage the baby’s growth and development. This could even include the toxin filled food we eat.

Such an awareness about chemical-laden products was what made her ditch the toxified products and opt for products made with all natural ingredients. Soha has actively shared her thoughts about using skincare products after having the baby and while having her baby around. She says: “As a new mother, I don’t want to be around toxins because I like the fact that they say what you eat is what shows on your skin and the other way round that what you put on your skin, you should be able to eat. I like that kind of realistic approach especially around Inaaya now.”


What has made her even more inspirational as a mommy is the launch of her own personal skincare product line that is 100 percent natural. It is Soha's personal venture for a natural skincare brand in India. This ayurveda product will offer all mommies natural skincare products at an affordable price. 

While she launched the product, she also shared her beauty routine like how she cleanses her skin twice a day. “In the morning when I get up, I cleanse, moisturise and then use a sunscreen. Through the day, I often don’t have time to do anything else. In the evening, I make sure to take off my makeup properly.”


The 39-year-old also asserted about how our skin and body needs special attention with the ageing process. She says: “The older you get, you don’t take yourself for granted in a way that you do when you were a teenager. So now I make sure that at the end of the day, I want to wash all the impurities off my face that I have accumulated, so I use a cleanser as I have a dry skin.”

Soha expressed her gratitude by saying how lucky she is to have people like her husband, her mother and in-laws who keep reminding her to look after herself. She added: “It is very important to look after yourself and also important to be hygienic, clean and healthy which I have understood."

With these kinds of compelling thoughts, the Bollywood beauty has surely become a role-model to soon-to-be mommies out there. Her successful model to remain fit and healthy will continue to keep her that way! 

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