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Smart New Year Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

New year is just around the corner! We’re sure you must have thought of at least one teenie weenie resolution. Afterall, a wonderful year is coming to an end and you’ll obviously wish for a change in your lives and your family’s too!

Most of us wish to become better parents or become better partners or probably just get fit! We know that you always want the best for your family. You’ve been so good all this year and you just want to make the next year better. That obviously doesn’t stop you from taking good care of yourself.

Here are some inspirations to help you choose your resolutions:

1. Get little assistants

Children are the best assistants, once you teach them. All you need to do is motivate them. For example, show them how to put tomatoes in the basket. Once they do it right, do give them a small reward as it will encourage that behavior.

2. Try not to scold much

Obviously, you don’t yell at your kids that often, but sometimes it is okay to do it. It is the easiest ways to get your child to pay attention to what you’re saying. Try not doing it too often, it will save you from feeling guilty for yelling!

3.Make time for special dates

You need to make time for your partner, isn’t it? He probably misses going out with you.

4.Cook with your kids

Cooking automatically becomes more fun when your kid is watching you cook. The way you make food, the way you add masala, the bright colors of vegetables, the way you roll chapatis...everything seems more appealing to them. The smell of hot cooked food will automatically make them feel hungry. Nice way to get them to eat healthy food, isn’t it?

5. Mommy The Multitasker

It is so on point because you do scroll through your phone like you're probably doing now, while your kids are around you. We get so engrossed in it that we forget our surroundings. Your child misses your company, annoying you and playing with you. Why don’t you put that phone away and spend some nice moments with your munchkin!

6. Learn something nice often

It’s never too late to find your hidden talents, you know. Learn a new recipe or learn how to sing! Everybody looks forward to enriching their skills.

7. Menu makeover

Find out the areas one which you would like to work on. Plan your diet accordingly and maintain it. Watch yourself blossom just like a flower! 

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