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Skincare Tips For The Changing Weather Conditions

Like it or not but the weather changes can severely affect the skin. From dryness, rashes, acne breakouts to allergies, the extent of the damage can be quite depressing. Thus, one needs to follow a healthy skin care routine to maintain a healthy and glowing skin in spite of the seasonal and weather changes.

 - Many people have the habit of applying a sunscreen only when it is a very bright and sunny day. This small mistake can affect the skin severely triggering sunburns, pigmentation and a host of related skin problems. Sunny or cloudy, a sunscreen should be used daily without fail (even when you are at home). This will do your skin a world of good.

 - It is a good practice to change the skincare routine with the changing weather. The onset of the winter is synonymous with the skin dryness. Thus, in addition to the regular cleansing and skin exfoliation (it makes sense to use a gentle soap-free cleanser and exfoliation product so as to ensure that the skin is not robbed of all its natural moisture), the use of a good moisturizer is also essential. You can opt for the day and night creams that are rich in Vitamin-E and antioxidants for maximum benefits.

 - Regular application of the aloe vera gel or the use of buttermilk on the face (keep for not more than 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water) are also known to moisturize the skin to an appreciable extent.

 - Strangely, many of us fail to take proper care of our hands and feet during the winter season resulting in cracked heels, rough and dry hands and legs. Moisturize your hands and legs without fail. Apply petroleum jelly on the heels before retiring to bed.

 - In addition to the use of moisturizers, make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. The more hydrated the body, the better it is for the skin.

 - Winter does not mean you part with the makeup. However, make sure to choose the products with care. You can go for the herbal makeup products or those that contain less of harsh chemicals. Irrespective of the season and no matter how tired you are, never go to bed without removing the makeup.

 - Just as skin dryness is synonymous with winter, sweating is inevitable during the summer. With the sweat comes dust and dirt that may clog the skin pores triggering an acne or pimple outbreak. One thus needs to keep the skin (especially facial) clean and dirt free. Go for a good cleanser that suits your skin type. A skin exfoliation twice a week is a must. As already mentioned, a good SPF sunscreen is vital for all season. For the eyes, do use a sunglass while stepping outside the house, especially in the afternoon.

 - In contrast to the thick lotions and moisturizers used during winters, summers can be managed well with moisturizers and serum that are light on the skin.

 - With all the sweating and dust, it is best to go for minimal makeup during the summer season.

 - Time and again the importance of drinking water and healthy fluids (such as fresh fruit juice, coconut water) has been highlighted to keep the overall health including the skin healthy and problem free.

 - Avoid very spicy, oily or greasy foods during the summer. Instead, enrich the diet with fresh fruits, salads, light meals, to name a few. Many of us will also be tempted to go for soft drinks and ice-creams. Consume them but in moderation that will not affect the body and the skin adversely.

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