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Parenting is often hectic and having two people working together makes it easier. But circumstances are different for different people, and whether by choice or by fate, you might have ended up as a single parent. It’s not as bad as it sounds and these as a single mother or father, these steps will definitely make your life easier.

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1. Finances

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Raising a child is an expensive task and you need to make a huge allowance for unexpected expenditures in the future, especially when it comes to college. Maintain a record of all expenditures and try cutting down on unnecessary spending. If required, try getting the required degree for a higher paying job, it maybe stressful for a short period but it will definitely benefit later.

2. Be open about your status

Especially in your workplace, don’t shy away from telling your boss your situation. It’s not a sympathy gaining strategy and you won’t be seen as weak, it will just make life easier. Having your boss on your side is a definite plus point, it’ll reduce your work burden. Your timings could be made more convenient for you to spend more time with your child.

3. Be honest with your child

There will definitely be questions about the changes in the family, but don’t try to hide the truth from your child. Being brought up without one parent may lead to negative feelings towards all adults of that gender, but try to make sure your child overcomes those feelings. Show them that not all men or women are the same and circumstances are different for different people.

4. Socialize

Always try and socialize as much as possible, not always to find another partner, but also to make sure you aren’t too emotionally dependent on your child. They have their emotional bandwidth which they cannot exceed, so try not to be a burden on them by making them feel the need to comfort you often. Seeing you weak or vulnerable may affect them badly.

5. Don’t take all the blame

Don’t feel guilty about tearing the family apart by choosing to file for a divorce or about being a single parent. Remember that your child will grow up better in a single parent household rather than one with continuous fighting or disagreement. Your happiness is equally important as your childs.

It’s not your fault if your ex is a slacker. He or she may not make it to all the important events in your childs life so don’t blame yourself for it. Do your best as a parent and your child will recognize your effort.

6. Be positive

Do whatever it takes to keep you happy, even if it means leaving your child with a sitter to grab some time alone. The happier you are, the happier your child is going to be. It may be hard to cope with the emotional void of your partner but stay positive for you and your child and give it some time.

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