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Whoever said marriage is like a walk in the park has obviously never been married. You can’t expect your significant other to be perfect because you probably aren’t either. Everyone has their own baggage which you learn to deal with, only if you love them. But if your husband checks off on all these points, they’re probably as close to perfect as men get, so don’t forget to appreciate them.

1.They make time for you

You both are busy with your own personal and professional lives, and you’re lucky if you run in the same circles. But if you don’t, coordinating your schedules could be a Herculean task. So if your husband frees his time to be with you, no matter how trivial the activity, he genuinely cares about you. Do not take it for granted and be sure to reciprocate so you both can have a lot more quality time together with many more memories.

2. He doesn’t make you feel secondary

Some would say we still live in a patriarchal society, with men given more importance than women. It’s important to be with someone who sees you as their equal. You shouldn’t be someone he looks down upon just for being a female. The lesser gender roles there are in your relationship, the stronger it is.

3. You learn from him

There are going to fields in which he excels and outshines you. Don’t let this make you feel inferior in any way. Use this as an opportunity to learn from him and grow. He should be willing to teach you everything you want to know, without making you feel bad for not already knowing it.

4. Accepts mistakes

If he’s the kind of person to admit where he went wrong and is willing to work on it to keep you happy, he genuinely cares for you. Old habits die hard and changing them requires a huge amount of willpower. If your husband has done this with you, appreciate the kind of effort it would have taken.

5. Communication

A lot of people find it difficult to talk about their feelings. This might hinder your relationship because you never know what they’re feeling. If your husband sits down with you and talks you through what went wrong and what can make it better, he definitely values your relationship, as it can be an uncomfortable position to be in. Listening to what you have to say is equally important, so make sure he hears you out as well.

6. Loyalty

You both are going to come across so many new people every day in the course of your life. This should never be a reason for straying loyalty. You should have a secure relationship with your husband and never have to feel like you’re in competition with someone else. 

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