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Mothering is a rocky road. Either you could be grumpy and bark the orders all the time or be a super cool parent and take up the position of a best friend in your child life. If you are the one who chose to loosen the reigns and guide your child in a fun way, you are creating the memories your kids could cherish for a lifetime. Here are a few sure-shot signs to know if you are that “fun mommy”:


Your children love to bring the surprising look on other person’s face when they play pranks and it is totally cool to play along as long as it is safe pranks. So mommies, Shed-off that strict parents mask and have fun together.

2.On a mission to make your child laugh:

Family tickle fights, singing wrong lyrics of rhymes and pretending you are right, making funny faces, pretending you are asleep and exaggerating snores - everything could make your child giggle and laugh. And if that mission is achieved time-to-time, you are a funny yet lovable mom.

3.Being a fun police - less hovering parent:

Being a parent, we are stuck up with supervising our children all the time for their greater good. But if you are a mom who would take a step back, provide the space your child needs and hover less over your child or hover over your child in a fun way, they would love you for this.

4.Family’s day out:

This is one of the signs which definitely makes you a fun mom. Take your kids out on a date, play with them, have tickles fight with them, make them laugh and they would love you even more.

5.Read a story:

Being a mother is exhausting but if you put all your efforts into it, it is definitely worth it. At night or during nap time, read a story for your child. Replace the main characters of the story with your or your child’s name. This will interest your child in the story. Story reading for your child doesn’t only increase his vocabulary and reading ability, but also it strengthens the bond you have with your child.

6.Teaching practically:

Either science or maths, go out and show your child the practicals of every topic. For example, to teach about condensation, take a glass of water and a lid out on a hot and sunny day. This kind of practical knowledge on different subjects makes learning fun and helps in gaining required knowledge.


Either a planned or a surprise road-trips, either a journey to other places which is hundreds of kilometres or a trip to ice-cream parlour nearby, your kids certainly love it. And the moment they realize you are the one taking them out, they would love you even more for being so cool.

8.Family song:

Have a song only for your child and yourself. Sing at the top of your voice. Be silly. Dance to it. Both of you have absolute fun with it. This is one of the memories your child would recall all his life.

9.Surprising your child with a special treat:

If you are the one who would surprise the children with homemade cookies or chocolates or dessert after dinner or any treat that would make your children happy and while they are least expecting, you are the best mommy. A pro tip: just serve the dessert or cookies in their plate while they are least expecting and give them a wink. They would love it.

10.Family slumber party:

Everyone is getting their sleeping bags, blankets and whatever is required for them to sleep, and chatting and laughing and if time permits, sleeping. That would be loads of fun. If you are a mommy who would organize slumber party often, you are pouring in the fun in your child’s life.

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