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Signs of Having High Blood Pressure (BP): How Much BP You Should Have As Per Age

Signs of Having High Blood Pressure: How much should you have as per your Age

Most health conditions or diseases are lifestyle related today. To keep a good check on good health - it has become of utmost importance that we keep a close eye out for signs and symptoms. Read on to find out how you can easily take care of your overall health by monitoring blood pressure in your body.  

What is Blood Pressure?


Blood pressure (BP) is a normal part of your body. BP is the way your blood flows and exerts some force. This force takes place in your heart and veins. 

The force exerted in your veins is called ‘systolic pressure’. The force exerted in your heart - once the blood returns from your body - is called ‘diastolic pressure’.

Your BP is always slowly changing and increasing. A standard BP reading is approximately 120/80 mm Hg of systolic/diastolic pressure. This is considered as the normal margin for BP.

Problems with Blood Pressure


The two types of problems that people face with BP are signs of high or low BP. If your readings are 90/60 or less mm Hg, it is a serious sign of low blood pressure. It is medically called ‘hypotension’.

A BP reading of 140/90 or more mm Hg, on the other hand, is a dangerous and killing sign of high blood pressure. It is medically called ‘hypertension’. This sign of high BP is further divided as per the slow or fast increase of the pressure. The chart below indicates this in a very clear way.

In comparison to men, women have a larger risk for high BP. Even then, it is important for everyone to keep a check on their lifestyle and diet to control a healthy blood pressure.

Thus, it is important to carefully read the following chart below. This is because there are specific signs and stages to recognise after getting a BP report. This will also further guide you regarding when is the right time to consult the emergency personnel, doctor and making your lifestyle diet healthier as well.

Normal BP is important and avoid problems of BP

What Causes Problems with Blood Pressure


- Smoking

- Obesity or excessive weight gain

- Unhealthy diet – including more salts and oils

- Heredity or family history

- Idle or restless lifestyle

- Low vitamin D and potassium content

- Alcohol

- Stress

- Issues with your kidneys

- Age

Blood Pressure Changes Added due to Age

The human body goes through several natural changes because of one’s age. This adds onto the changes that are already occurring due to external factors. These factors include things like blood pressure. Below, you will find a detailed age-wise chart of what effects are made naturally one’s BP.


Your health is always controllable and in your hands. It requires only a little observation and care from your side or someone you trust. It has been proven that problems like BP can be treated on time with best results if consulting help from professionals.

So, you should read these pointers well and share it. If you come across any confusion, always immediately contact your doctor, a trusted professional or even comment down below. You should try your very best to keep yourself and the people around you in the most positive of health as much as possible!


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