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Signs Of A Pampered Child: Caution

Pampering - Defined as the act of indulging someone with attention, comfort and kindness, can result in not-so-kind consequences when done excessively. Pampered kids are the ones that turn into stubborn, attention seeking and selfish individuals. But the thing with pampering your child is that you might not realize your kid is turning into a spoiled brat even if it’s staring right in your face. So, here are a few things that suggest that your kid is a pampered child:

1. The child takes anything and everything for granted.

2. The child puts no effort into learning something that’s difficult because he assumes you or someone else will do it for him.

3. The child starts to look down on people who are not financially strong.

4. The child will go up to any extent to get whatever he wants, this might start out with a lie and turn into a full-blown tantrum if you don’t fulfil his wish.

5. The child stubbornly refuses to change his opinions even upon strong persuading.

6. The child always wants to have more things than his peers and doesn’t understand the concept of being self-sufficient with what he owns.

7. The child has a very short attention span and is constantly bored of things happening around him,

8. The child doesn’t ever appreciate what is given to him and is always demanding for better things.

If your child is showing more than one of these symptoms then it's time you rethink your parenting techniques. Pampering starts when you start giving into each and every request of your child’s, no matter how unreasonable it sounds.

- Indulging kids with material things is one of the main reasons why a child will turn into a spoiled brat. Of course, it’s okay to buy your child's favourite toy or that soft blanket but when this turns from indulging to overindulging is when we have a problem.

- Even when you make threats and don’t deliver on them(i.e. Empty threats), your child will start taking you more leniently and will think that his actions have no consequences whatsoever. Although empty threats will be of great use, refrain yourself from doing them all the time. If you say something like - ‘if you don’t get up and brush your teeth, I will not give you chocolates this week’, then do just that and don’t feel guilty for doing so.

- Parents often tend to shield their kids from human emotions which means they’ll start lacking skills that they need later in their life to cope up with difficulties and complex emotions. It’s important to find that right balance that doesn’t harm the kids but makes them aware of these things.

- Also, make sure that you’re clear on the rules you expect your kid to follow. Despite everything, kids still crave consistency and are often confused by the behaviour of adults.  

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